How to measure ring size?

When you are about to buy a ring, there is a lot to think about. I have many different models to choose from and if you have your own wishes, you can email me at Here you will find my carefully selected range of rings at name rings and other nice rings with names and own messages.

You need to know which size to choose. The size of a ring can be measured in several different dimensions. The simplest way is to use a ring gauge to measure the inner diameter in millimetres. One tip is to go to your local jeweller or a jewellery store in a mall or shopping centre.

Normal sizes for women are about 15.0- 21.0 mm and for men about 18.0-24.0 mm.


Other ways to measure ring size

If you have a ring at home that fits the finger in question, there are a few ways to find out the size.

A caliper is a good tool to know what size you need for your ring. The caliper must have two sets of measurements; one for the outer diameter, but also for the inner diameter. Most calipers have both sets of measurements. The inner diameter is what is important when measuring ring size. Then you place your existing ring around the spikes and gently pull apart so you can read.


Measure with a ruler

You can also compare with a ring you have at home that fits the finger where you want the ring. The best result will be if you have a smooth ring. Use a ruler with millimetre measurements and place the ring on the ruler and measure your ring at the widest point. Your ring size is the measurement you see on the ruler, i.e. the inside of the ring.

If you do not have a ring to measure

Measure with a string

Take a piece of ribbon or string and wrap it around your finger. Make sure the band is about the same width as the ring you are about to order. Measure the cord/ribbon where it joins by placing it against a ruler. The measurement you get in millimetres is the ring size you should choose.

Send for a ring gauge from me.

It's free when you order a ring from our range. To find the perfect ring size, do this: When you measure, and have the ring size on, it should not change size as you pull it back and forth across the knuckle. Note! You should not put the measure on and then tighten it when it is in place, because then the ring will be too small. You can stick the measure on for example size 52 and see if you can pull it over the knuckle, if it wants to change size you will have to go bigger. Then take it off again and hold on to a slightly larger size. Then try again. It is therefore important that you can pull the knot over.

Email me at and write that you wish to borrow a ring and I will send you a ring size as soon as I can.

Things to consider when measuring ring size:

Right thicker than left
Did you know that the fingers of the right hand usually require a slightly larger ring size than the left? Sometimes a full size, sometimes only half a size. Keep that in mind when you're sneakily borrowing your partner's ring before a ring purchase.

.Are your hands hot or cold?
Depending on the weather and the time of day, your fingers may vary in size. It is best to measure your size when you are calm and your body temperature is normal.

Remember to choose a size where you have to struggle a bit over the knuckle so that the ring doesn't fall off if your hands are wet or cold.

It should be a little slow to get the ring on and off so you don't lose it if your fingers are wet or cold.

Finger length and width and the size of the hand as a whole make a big difference. Nails also make a difference, as long, well-maintained nails extend the appearance of the fingers. 

Be careful!

Be extremely accurate when measuring, it would be no fun to discover when you try the ring on that it is too small or too big. If you are between two sizes, know that there are also measurements in between! For example 17,5mm. Or even 17,25mm! At I charge a fee of 1000kr to adjust an ordered ring. Open sale does not apply to name rings with engraving.


Amanda Egilson Hallgren