Christening jewellery and personalised name necklaces as a Christening gift

Are you invited to a christening or naming ceremony? Perhaps you have been chosen as a godmother or godparent to your best friend's baby? Congratulations, what an honour! Let's talk about christening gifts and christening jewellery!

If it's like the above, then I guess you're looking for a suitable dipping gift. Googling the term "Christening gift" will bring up an incredible number of hits from various companies that have great and creative ideas. Of course, I would like to strike a (hard powerful) blow for a dummy necklace. A silver christening ornament with the child's name on it that the child can carry with them throughout their lives as a nice memento of a special day so long ago. Silver is durable, and even if the little one is too small to wear the jewelry right away, the jewelry can sit and wait nicely in its box until it's time. Many children are only allowed to wear their dophals on festive occasions, always under supervision, when they are still small and want to put most things in their mouths.

Personalized dophals

Many people want to give something beautiful and lasting, and a handmade name jewellery in sterling silver is often the choice. I have a few favourites in the range that you can see in the online shop. There you will find an incredible number of beautiful suggestions, all these baptism necklaces in real silver, where the child's name is hammered in by hand letter, by letter. Then add the date of the christening on the back and a moonstone heart or small bead and you have the ultimate gift with you.

Here are some of the most popular necklaces for baptism

Double tickets for boys and guys

I also have several stylish matching pieces for guys. How about these?

Dopsmycket Lycko elephant

One of the most popular name jewellery for children has been the elephant where I hammer the name along the back of the silver tray which is cut out as an elephant. I also call it the lucky elephant because in some cultures the animal means good luck. The elephant also has strong symbolic meaning, such as strength, loyalty, power, patience, good memory, long life, marital bliss, immortality and wisdom.

Hope you found a favorite necklace among my various name jewelry. I promise it will be a perfect christening gift. I make everything in my studio in Stockholm and you can usually get the jewellery in a couple of days. So even if you're out of date, I can usually still help you out!