Butterfly Name Necklace

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Butterfly Name Necklace

Butterfly name necklace is a lovely necklace in sterling silver where the pendant is shaped like a butterfly. The shiny, stylish shape makes the jewellery feel classic. The butterfly is hanging in a thin, beautiful veneziakedja. Please choose a butterfly per name for an even more vivid name jewelry.

Butterfly with Name

You can usefully let me engrave the names of your children or anything else that matters to you. I do this by hand with my grandpa's old Hammer. 1 name, Word or date is included and in case you wish more names, words or dates on the same butterfly, the 150kr/St.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Size butterfly: CA 2cm between wings

What does the butterfly mean?

According to Solöga out of her book "The Language of Animals" means butterfly – "Dance, paint, create, express yourself. My gift to you is to creatively portray what you want others to see. "We butterflies carry dreams, it is we who convey them to you."

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