Name Necklace Victoria

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Name Necklace Victoria

This name Necklace Victoria is a stylish necklace with shaped name badge. A heart of 14k gold is pålött on the ring. This tray holds several names or a slightly longer message. Both the tray and the chain are genuine silver. The names are hammered in by hand, letter by letter to get a completely handmade piece of jewelry with a lot of soul and heart. Name a lot is named after our Crown Princess HRH Victoria when she got it in a wedding present when she married her Daniel 19 June 2010. For many more pictures of nice name necklaces, follow the link on to Blog = = >

The price includes chain and 1 name badge with 1 PC name, Word or date. For each additional name, Word or date on the same name tag, the 150KR/ST will be added.

More children in the future on name necklaces Victoria?

Tips! If you know with you that it should get place more names in the future on your name Necklace Victoria, notify this in the box at checkout so placed the names in such a way that the hatch is left on the right side of the ring washer.

Dimensions: 22mm in diameter.
Material: 925 sterling silver

How to make pure silver jewellery?

In the blog you can find many clever tips on How to clean your silver jewellery. And if you still do not succeed, you are welcome to send in your jewelry to me and I do it as "new". Contact me at


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