" Satisfied customers of

Many of you have written to me and conveyed your gratitude for the Name Jewelry You ordered to your nearest. I want to share all the positive words and here below you will find examples of customer quotes that I have collected over the years.

THANKS! /Amanda Egilson Hallgren

26 Feb 2021
Hello Amanda.
Thank you very much for the incredible beautiful necklace.
I have a little wonder. I feel like the neck chain I took didn't turn out the way I imagined. It was too long for me. Is it possible to arrange something like getting a shorter neck chain? I chose a 53 cm ball chain but would like a shorter
Thanks in advance

25 Feb 2021
Perfect! I've swished the money to you, my mom's going to be so happy when the chain comes. She has proudly displayed her jewelry at work and to friends! I want to thank you for all the help you have really customer service in perfection!
Hug, Theres

24 Feb 2021
It looked exactly the way I wanted it to, so nice. My mother will be so surprised and happy/Alva F

23 Feb 2021
Just want to thank for great service and fast delivery but most of all for how wonderful my coin became! It will be a much appreciated gift and I promise to come back with more orders! Have also told friends and acquaintances about your company and I would be surprised if they don't get in touch!
Warmest regards, Marie

22 Feb 2021
Hello Amanda!
I hope you and yours are all right, in this strange existence we're in right now.
Must start by saying that you really "did the wedding" this summer for all of us, you created the amazing necklaces for our best friends Ann and Robban 🥰🤩 the success was a real fact there with your unique jewelry!! Then after this wedding came a time when everything was overturned with all this Corona and everything 😱
So much change and God knows everything that this has meant.
Having said that, I don't remember if I properly thanked you for in all this, (not only that you created these beautiful crafts for the best friends' wedding as you did) also delivered the nice necklace (staff) with all the engravings and bracelets to my daughter's mentor and spec educator at the school graduation 😅, thank you!! 💝This time, it's my beloved sister's 50th birthday!
A little bit in my defense (😬) the plan was to give her a completely different thing with an experience.
I have realised this now to the very end that it will not be possible to implement it,
so I quickly had to rethink with fire in my buttocks.😅Givenly, however, the choice was again easy when I decided that it would be jewelry, your wonderful jewelry of course 🤩I have sent you an order via the website, on the ring, necklace and bracelet.
As you probably now understand, I dare not ask when you think this could be done?
My sister's birthday is Saturday this spring.
Is there even a chance in the world to get this done during the week or are you overwhelmed with work?
I can of course come and pick up for the fastest delivery. I fully understand if this is not feasible! Sincerely,
Ann Westermark 😊

17 Feb 2021

Hi Amanda,
Very successful (again).

5 Jan 2021
A THOUSAND thanks for the amazing necklace.. Just got in the mailbox🙌🙌
Hug for you

26 Dec 2020
Hi Amanda,
The jewelry was very well liked, good work by you!
Good continuation and I will return this winter regarding "Extension" 🙂
//Axel Bergwik

17 Dec 2020
Just want to thank so much for being able to fix so quickly, just got the necklace home and is so happy!
Merry Christmas!

16 Dec 2020
Hi! Got the necklace today. I'm really happy with that.
Thanks for the fast delivery.
Merry Christmas

15 Dec 2020
Hello Amanda!
Now the bracelet has arrived and it's so amazingly nice. The fact that you took your time and made a bracelet that is not really in the range anything more means a lot to us. I already have a coin necklace with Björn's name and when I ordered it we also saw the bracelet that my partner wanted.

Björn is our son who died late in his pregnancy last fall. When the days are extra heavy, it gives such comfort to feel the jewelry and somehow have him close.
So a thousand thanks that you took your time.

10 Dec 2020
Thank you, Amanda,
You're heeelt amazing.
I don't think there's anyone who has that kind of service and concern for their customers.
You're simply the best 😍
hug Linda

8 Dec 2020
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas when the time comes.

7 Dec 2020
I'm going to have to order some jewelry for my sister. She saw what I was shopping for our mother and has wanted similar as a birthday present.
You make really nice jewelry. ❤

6 Nov 2020
Got the necklace back now!
Thank you please for magic work, now I can wear it again 24/7 😍🥰
Mvh Malin W

23 Oct 2020
Hello Amanda!
A thousand thanks for fast delivery
Eva-Britt Tandlund

15 Oct 2020
Hi Amanda,
I don't know if I wrote how beautiful the jewelry turned into our last baptismal child,
Absolutely amazing and so nice to watch, daughter + man was very happy for
The jewelry for their little guy. And that the jewelry can be used for many ages.
The others were also very happy about the christening gifts and many said
That the jewelry was so special......... I love them.
So thank you very much for these incredibly beautiful and beautiful jewelry.
I'll get back to you.
Have a good time and thank you for everything
Marie-Louise Amren

7 Oct 2020
Hello Amanda!
Thank you, got the package today. The jewelry was as nice as the ones I've gotten before. 😍
We'll get back to you in about a month 😊

5 Oct 2020
Hello again!
Had to write.
I handed over the necklace on Saturday and she cried!
She was so touched!
Thank you for thinking outside the box and being willing to fulfill my wish.
Hug On You

1 Oct 2020
Hello again!
The necklace was a success!

Sep 30, 2020
Yyyyyy what you're fast. Fantastic service and love that it is craftsmanship and not machine made.
Many thanks

Sep 28, 2020
hello again 🙂
My husband came home a little while ago with an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry, it was really nice.
And it'll be perfect for our little Nicholas, he's like the sun, a real little ray of sunshine,
it feels so good to hand this over to the parents on Saturday when the baptism is.
Thank you once again for all the beautiful jewelry you made.
This isn't the last time we've traded you 🙂 🙂

Sep 22, 2020

Hello Amanda!
I just wanted to say that the jewelry came in the mailbox as early as Friday.
And it's so beautiful!!! I have a feeling my sister's going to be so happy! Unique and handmade in real silver – what more can you ask for?🙂
I can barely stick to when she's going to open the present on Saturday. 🙂
THANK YOU once again for a wonderfully beautiful piece of jewelry!!
Have a nice day!
Malin S

Sep 3, 2020
Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to thank you so much for quick help at the end of last week to get my mom a present. She (and us children, of course) thought mom, grandma, grandma jewelry was amazingly nice!!
Mvh Elin

Sep 3, 2020

Just want to say that the crossword jewelry I ordered for my mother in early August was super nice and very appreciated! Now I'm going to put some jewelry on my own wish list for Santa, too, 😉😃
Have a nice day!
Cathrine Karlsson

Sep 2, 2020

The package came in the mailbox today!
I almost miss words as beautiful as it is! It is absolutely my most beautiful piece of jewelry and no other piece of jewelry can beat this!
I was a little nervous when I was about to open the box (not that I thought you would have done a bad job but kind of happy-nervous as you might be before a date 🙂
So when I lift the lid and see your handwritten note "are you ready Malin", it's like you've read my thoughts and then I realized that this – this will be fine! Then when I lift away the silk paper and see the jewelry, it really is a big "take daaa!"
It turned out so much, really nice! It shimmers about it and the little feet are there and the names and little gold heart and the little heart stamps and your stamp and it's just so nice!!!
I love that it's such a clean piece of jewelry that kind of contains so much more when you open it – in a double sense! And it really feels like always having my beloved children close to me physically. And when it sticks like that just right at times, you're reminded of them. 🙂
And the fact that it's handmade by a real pro of course makes it even more special and I really want to thank you for all your good and creative ideas that made my jewelry so perfect. I got it all without it getting too much! 🙂
Without planning it, the necklace arrived just in time too because tomorrow it will be exactly 16 years since my first son was born! (Isidor) 🙂
Ever since he was born, I wanted a cast or something like that of his foot or hand or some nice piece of jewelry... But I couldn't afford it. That is why I am so happy and grateful that I have now been able to indulge in that luxury. And no dozen pieces of jewelry without a genuinely beautiful craft!
From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU Amanda!
Big hug for you!
/Malin S

Sep 2, 2020
Many THANKS for nice support and quick service!
Got my extra chain today, oh so good it got! Very happy with my coins that were o one represents my beloved family💖
Kind regards

1 Sep 2020

Today the necklace came in the mail – and THANK YOU how nice it is! 🙂 It also felt very luxurious to open with the nice silk paper in the box.

19 Aug 2020
Just wanted to say thank you for the solution with the bracelet. Come in the mailbox yesterday and now sit on my arm! I'm so happy 🙂

18 Aug 2020

Hi Amanda,
A thousand thanks – I'm so happy with my new coin – just the way I wanted it! ❤️
I sent the old coin in return with the return envelope that came with the new coin. It was sent on August 11 by regular mail and wrapped in the foam plastic that was with the new coin. I hope it's come back.
Have a great week and thank you for helping me make the most important piece of jewelry I have.
Annefrid J

14 Aug 2020
The ring came today sat like a slender 😍
Thank you very much🌞
Happy weekend 🌞😎

12 Aug 2020

Now the necklace has arrived, thanks for the quick work and nice work!
Mvh Emma

11 Aug 2020
Hey again, Amanda,
I just have to say that when I got my order home 6/8, I was speechless. AMAZING craftsmanship. My mom's going to be so happy when she gets her jewelry and my siblings were super happy when I sent them pictures too.
I liked the necklace so much, I'd love to give my daughter one too😊
I got hooked on the circle with a gold heart. But can you write on the back too?

I'm looking for a piece of jewelry where her name is written, and that somewhere I want to squeeze in "Hug Mom" or "my heart Klara".
You also have another piece of jewelry I got hooked on that's like a medallion. I think it's the same base with a circle and gold heart but as a lid over it. 😊

My question to you is, which of these two do you think will be best if you want to write text? She will be 7 years old soon and is a little princess and very girly. 😊

Ida Helin

July 23, 2020
It came today! A thousand thanks!! ❤️
I have ordered from you before, a necklace with my children's names, and I am as satisfied now as I was then – especially for fantastic service! Thanks!

July 21, 2020
Hello Amanda!
What a lovely wedding it was for Ann and Robban, with your amazing necklaces in the wedding act itself!!

The priest was thrilled and thought they were SO nice and unique you should know😊!
It was so cool to see people's reaction when the necklaces came out instead of the traditional rings:)
Oh, how nice the necklaces were!! I already understood that Anns was nice and would fit, but Robbans was so perfect too👍👍 perfect size:)
Can't say it enough time Amanda, but my God what amazing wonders you do!❤️
Hug Ann😊

July 3, 2020
Hello Amanda.
I just have to write and thank you once again for the super nice necklace.
I'm so happy and it's on all the time.
Really love the work you've done.
Thank you very much ❤️
Hug Rebecca

June 24, 2020
Hello Amanda!

Then feedback after the end of the summer...
Want to send a big warm thank you to you, for your amazing crafts, created with so much feeling and love 💕
I had worked a number of day shifts in races in the last two months before the end of school and finally came home the night before it was time and was met by two nice boxes on the table with your signature on it.
Oh, I was happy!!!
So you're great at what you're doing, Amanda!
I fell so in love with the two jewelry!!
The bracelet was amazing, so beautiful 😊 had kept it yourself!!
And then elegance the rod..... do not find any words for how nice and personal it felt to see these self-selected words hammered in on each page. I'll admit there were a few tears!
Even my daughter had a hard time grasping that her own words were actually there, in something so nice and elegant🤩
Well, you can guess for yourself how the reception that these taxes became:)
Got a text message from the special education teacher last night, that what a nice piece of jewelry is and that the length of the chain is perfect!!
Miss was also completely overjoyed to have been given a really solid, shiny luxurious bracelet with such a personal touch on it.
It was great with that little extra at the lock.
My best friends are getting married soon, and they're thinking about not wearing rings as they both work in professions they can't have jewelry on their hands. So they're thinking about wearing necklaces with names and wedding dates on them instead, like the one I bought for my husband before from you.
They've seen all the jewelry I bought from you, and they're very fond of all the 🙂
Have asked them to go in and look at your website as well.
Will you be working in the next few weeks and receiving orders?
Really want to thank you Amanda again for your nice reception, commitment and that you always deliver!!
You're so unique in your kind🤩
Hug Ann🥰

Many thanks again for you

May 27, 2020
The rings came today and finally we were able to put them on each other's fingers. In the middle of all social distancing
we now show our closeness and love for each other with our rings.
/Karin and Caroline

May 4, 2020

Now it's come out! She was very happy! You're a pro! 🙂 💕
Mvh Nina Hardin, Karlstad

April 20, 2020


The jewelry is SO nice! And – flexible! Can combine it a little bit that I feel like. Big THANK YOU! Sofie

23 March 2020

Got the jewelry today, so beautiful!
Is super happy 🤗
Would like to thank you for really good service and great reception ❤️

Hugs Sara

23 March 2020
How nice is the bracelet and how fast do you not work!?! Here you wake up after lunch today after a lot of hours of work and go to the mailbox. If you knew how happy I was. And I see the little double heart and the star too. Just so you know. The aquamarine stone is so sweet. I don't have enough superlative Amanda! Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
Don't worry about Corona times but stay safe!
Lots of hugs
Malin L

March 10, 2020
Hello again!
The nice packages came in the mail today👍Superfina🥰
Thank you very much for the nice bracelet too, I have looked at it before on your page😍 Just want to take the opportunity to ask how I make it bigger?
Isn't it at its greatest when the knots are right next to each other? Or do I do something wrong because neither I nor my daughter manage to get it over my hand😅?
I can definitely go in and review at the time😊 Super satisfied really🥰!! Also hope that we will be able to get an appointment this summer when we can get past your store☀️👍! We've been talking about it for so long but never managed to time it in with your opening hours unfortunately! But we're going to get that😊
Have a good time🤗

10 Feb 2020
It was more perfect than I could have imagined. So cute and small. I think I'll have to take my jewelry in a suitcase and visit the big city so you can update them with beads and add-on words and other things that your creative brain comes up with. Super big thank you Amanda!

5 Feb 2020
It was perfect! Thank you, you ❤️
Hug Anna

30 Jan 2020
Nice Amanda,
The bracelet was so nice! Wore it on Friday to a funeral and several commented on it in very positive terms.
Hugs Malin

27 Jan 2020
I just placed an order for you for the stylish necklace with a name tag. Wish
to have the tray named ALICIA 'closest' to the neck chain and tray named NELLIE on the
"extended". Alicia is my eldest daughter and Nellie is my youngest, so hope you understand what I am
I saw your post on facebook about you often being confused with another factory manufacturing company
and just have to write this to you.
I can say that I personally would never order from the company you are referring to.
I'm so happy to have found you!
When I had my first daughter, I ordered a necklace with coins from you where my daughter and husband
had to adorn each coin. So nice and I wear it with happiness, partly because it's my finest self
carry with me, but also because it feels and can be seen that there is pride and love in how the jewelry
has been manufactured❤️
I'll tell you where the necklace comes from when I'm asked who did it.

Now I just can't wait to get my new necklace home from you where my two daughters I now have
I'm going to have to pry around my neck! (The man will have to settle for the fact that he is on the first necklace❤️)

Sofia Hornberg

20 Jan 2020

Thanks please!
Swischa you for the shipping!
Saw picture of the jewelry so nice they became!💕
Now waiting for them😍
Will come back later waiting for baby so will need a new name badge 👍😊
Thanks again for the help
Hugs Sara

7 Jan 2020
You want to hear stories about your jewelry, don't you?
Yesterday I accidentally lost my partner's phone so that the touch function on the screen broke. He became very sad and sat and cried while trying to make it work.
Son 3-year-old comes up and hugs. "I like you, Dad." "Mom's got you in the back" – here I have to interpret to the partner that the son probably means my necklace. Son: "Yes, it says Martin"
That's what can happen when you've shown your son his necklace with his name in the bowl and "made of" on the back. He tried to comfort dad by actually seeing proof of mom's love.

12 Dec 2019
But what a super service! Delivery today..!!
As satisfied as ever ♥️
// Malin

9 Dec 2019
Hello Amanda
I got the necklace today, so amazing❤️
Write a message, Sarah

5 Sep 2019
Hi! I just received the letter with the Jewel box and opened it and therein, I found the very cutest little piece of jewelry, so beautiful and so perfect, thank you very much for such a nice work. Little Norah is going to get it on her baptism day from me, which is her grandmother, and from grandfather.
Just wanted you to know.
Dr. Lisbeth Nestor

22 Aug 2019
Hi Amanda, I just want to announce that the svery came yesterday, I have not looked at it because you have done so nicely package.
Thank you very much.

21 Aug 2019
Hi Amanda,
Thank you so much for the necklace! Now I've used it since I got it home and I'm super happy! 👍
Best regards
Chandraman b

21 Aug 2019
Hello Amanda!
The lot came in the post today and I just have to say I am very pleased. It was of course nice on the picture but even finer in reality! 🌟 will be so fun to give away the amazing necklace in the naming gift.
Thank you for getting it done and could send it in such a good time.
Have a good way!
Best regards
Emelina 😊

17 Aug 2019
Hi Amanda,
My wife loved the Svery very much. Thank you for the wonderful experience and life-long memory.

15 June 2019
Hi Amanda,
Now I have received the necklace!
Thank you for arranging a new shipment so fast and professional! Hugs/Anette
Chris W

12 June 2019
Today we got the new lot and are really pleased.
Thanks for the help!
Jonas Stenström

7 June 2019
Subject: A thousand thanks!
Just want to thank you for a beautiful engraved jewellery, which came up on time (last Wednesday)! Also thank you for being kind and sent back it I swishade too much.
Will surely return with more orders in the future!
Have a really nice summer! 🙂

6 June 2019
Thanks it came today and it's lovely! 🙂
Sincerely Nicola

4 June 2019
Would like to THANK you big for the gift cards to the daughter's Fröknar. They were sooo NICE!
And so convenient and easy it became.

19 May, 2019
Best Amanda!
I love the star necklace! Just love it.
Have a lovely Sunday!

17 May, 2019
Watch and return Amanda!
The necklaces are amazing, thank you! 🙏🏻❤️
Anette Westerling Ferraresi

16 May, 2019
Super happy with the necklace!
It is my daughter's hand prints that died in my belly in the pregnant week 34.. Was happy when I found your jewelry, for now she is near me exactly all the time and it feels so nice. Thanks!
Greeting Lovisa

10 May, 2019
Just have to thank for incredibly fast delivery! It was also fine. Thanks!
Kind regards Anna

9 May, 2019
Hello Amanda! Thank you VERY nicely! I'm so happy!
Hugs Elisabeth

9 May, 2019
Det er så hyggelig å kunne gi bort et så vakkert smykke <3
Live er et vakkert navn, – og spesielt at Jeg reach gets gi it in gave til to jenter with the same Navn J
Send invoice, so pay Jeg with the same J
Address smykkene shell sendes til you: xxx
Ønsker dough a swanky day! J
Sincerely, Tone

April 5, 2019
Hi Amanda,
Thank you very much, the ring came today! It was really nice with the names in the new font. Thanks a thousand! I will wear it every day for my son here on earth and my son in heaven. It will mean a lot and give me solace.
Hugs Johanna

29 March, 2019
A thousand thanks for creating the wonderful catkins Amanda! And thanks please for the little star pendant you sent!
Have a wonderful weekend and bask in the glory of being an amazing silversmith!
Hugs Malin

27 March, 2019
Yes, what do you say 💋 on you, you are the best, you have done it again 👏🏻👏🏻!
The bracelet was superbly!!!! Sitting where it should, perfect balance o fine engraving.
Thousand, Thousand Thanks!
Big hug

26 March, 2019
Nice Amanda,
It is a full hit every time I open the small grey jewelry boxes from you that are always so nicely wrapped in tissue paper! And I have opened many 🙂 the little stars that came today were absolutely lovely. Just like the drops a couple of weeks ago. You are an amazing silversmith. I have said it before and say it again!

Is it possible to get to buy a pair of (two preferably) wire hearts on The wire (like that you extend the bracelet with) with the hook mounted on them? They need to be 5-6 cm long and may be happy to end up with a pink or light green gem if it goes? Thought a bit more bling on my dreamcatcher now for spring and summer.
Great Vårkram!

22 March, 2109
The jewellery has arrived today. Very satisfied. Has paid today according to Fakt-copy that was attached.
Thanks for the great job and customer service!

26 Feb, 2019
Amanda, jag är så glad för halsbandet J , helt underbart! fick liksom tårar av lycka då jag öppnade asken <3Jag har visat det för alla här så jag hoppas du får in en hel del beställningar.Nu får jag vänta ett tag att få ner det till Spanien, hade tänkt posta men törs inte lita på att det kommer fram, jag får njuta själv av det ett tag.
Many thanks and Bamsekram to you.
Greetings Monica

6 Feb, 2019
A thousand thousand Thanks for the jewellery came today and I LOVE it. Will sit around the neck evenly. ❤😍
Hanna Lind

17 Jan, 2019

I just want to thank you for my wonderfully fine necklace, it's so incredibly nice and much neater than I thought!
Am so glad I was shopping from you, the necklace was over expectation fell even a little toes when I first saw it, now I wear the whole family around the neck! 💕

Camilla Horneby

16 Jan, 2019
What a necklace! Just as I imagined. You are absolutely fantastic at creating jewelry Amanda. Got so many compliments yesterday when I wore it for the first time.
Have a wonderful day!

12 Jan, 2019
Sooo fine Jewelry was! 🙌❤️ Thanks!
Marie S

10 Jan, 2019


Got the necklace today. Jättefina!
Thanks a thousand!

10 Jan, 2019
It came up in time.
Was really good.
Thank you for your help.

9 Jan, 2019

Hello again
Many thanks for the necklace-so nice! And so happy m the Coinen 🙂

However, I now feel after using it for just over a week that I think the chain itself is a bit thin. Is there a possibility to change to a thicker variant?

Greetings Linda

7 Jan, 2019

Thanks Amanda,
Received just in time for Christmas.
Thanks you for your beautiful and unique jewellery. She loved it.
Have a fantastic 2019.



27 Dec, 2018

Thanks, for the bracelet. He was very happy and it suited. Had time to arrive Friday before Christmas, so I struck it as a package for Christmas Eve.

Eva 🤗


24 Dec, 2018

Okay thank you very much! They were the ones we thought 🙂
My girlfriend is super happy and really happy.

Have a Merry Christmas 😍
Tamara K

22 Dec, 2018

The necklace has come and is perfect!
Thanks! For super-fast delivery and good service. Hats off!

Hope you get to be free and have a quiet Christmas now!
May well!


20 Dec, 2018

Thanks! You are worth how much flowers whatsoever Amanda! So nice service and as wonderful jewelry as you do. I've got lovely butterflies and a drop of heart that sits around my neck right now. And then there will be a infinityhalsband.

After Christmas, an order for a coin in gold with diamonds. It must of course only be in my collection.

Great Julkram! Malin






18 Dec, 2018
Thanks please, you are absolutely magical.
Even this time I got my be fast, and really nice it was.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas 🌲🎅

18 Dec, 2018
Hi Amanda,
Want to thank you for quick delivery for my new stylish necklace.
Very satisfied.
Good JulMed Kind Regards,

17 Dec, 2018
Now I've got both the bracelet and the coin. Thanks!
Just as I wished 💕
Hugs Jenny

15 Dec, 2018
Wow! Soo Neat! And what quick you were!
Merry Christmas!

9 Dec, 2018
Many thanks for the nice coin necklace! Maybe it will return shortly with an order in the same way to myself:)
Sincerely Pernilla Jacobsson Riaz

6 Dec, 2018
Hi Finest Amanda.
We have received your package and you are only
Absolutely fantastic.
So beautiful call ⭐️⭐️⭐️
You are the best 💕
Thanks! Many hugs
Hanna o Mattias

28 Nov, 2018
Hello Amanda!
I just wanted to say thank you so sick much for everything! The coin was exactly as I had imagined, nah, BETTER!
Hope you have a continued nice day and we will be heard next time I'll order, because there'll definitely be more times 🤗 Ellen

15 Nov, 2018
Så vackert! <3

14 Nov, 2018
Thanks please for a quick delivery, the jewelry (keychain) was really nice.
A man who doesn't use jewelry is this really nice! ☺️

8 Nov, 2018

7 Nov, 2018
A thousand, a thousand thanks for the fantastic necklace that came in the mail today! I am "Jättesupernöjd", as my treåring would have said! 😉 so amazingly nice!

7 Nov, 2018
Hello Amanda!
I recently ordered a bracelet for my partner with our son Maltes name and his date of birth. Just wanted to say that the bracelet was fantastically nice and my partner was very happy for the gift.
Many thanks! 🙂
Sincerely, Anders Lassnig

5 Nov, 2018
Got home the bracelet today and just want to say wow and so nice it was! 😃 and fast it went too!
Send Invoice ASAP! 🙏🏻☺️
Caroline Ählström

20 Oct, 2018
Thank you very much for the bracelet! Soo Nice, love it 😀
My Yousofi

15 Oct, 2018
I got the jewellery that I ordered with you today!!! Tuuusen Thanks, so amazingly nice!!! 💗💗💗 exactly as I wished – sturdy yet smooth!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Have a nice day!!!
Sincerely, Evelina

4 Oct, 2018
Got my butterfly today, it is absolutely divinely beautiful! Thanks a thousand!
Anita Moraeus

1 Oct, 2018
Hi Amanda,
What a nice collection, you are really creative 😊
Hug Aunt Cecilia 🌺

Sep 29, 2018
Just wanted to thank for the bracelet, it came up today. Very happy!
Sincerely, Eva

25 Sep, 2018
The bracelet has arrived today 😍🙏🏼
Thanks please for the great service!
// Pernilla

22 Sep, 2018
Hi Amanda,
Just want to send a big thank you for my namnring (Valdemar and Beata) who came yesterday. It was absolutely perfect and I am so happy for it!!
Hugs from Charlotta


21 Sep, 2018
Thanks for the Super service o thanks the same
Your beautiful jewelry compliments all occasions, both everyday and festive 🤩
Always feel dressed and beautiful with your stylish jewelry.
Now my mother will also get the honor to wear them 😍
Nilla O N

17 Sep, 2018
Hello Amanda!
Now I have received my jewellery. Thank you very much for this fine masterpiece, I am so pleased! Have already decided that future siblings will also get one, but they will linger: Have a great week!
Hugs Adam & the male

6 Sep, 2018
Morning! Wow what a quick delivery! And so incredibly nice they were! Thank you very much for all your job! Malyn
Sent from my iPhone

14 Aug, 2018
Sunil Laghari So hot in the heart o happy about my bracelet thanks Amanda 1🙏🏻1❤️

13 Aug, 2018
Thanks please ❤️
Soo bad that we missed the opening hours, had been fun to meet you and see your stuff in the shop. You make amazing fine jewelry.
Hugs Helena

13 Aug, 2018
Thanks for the quick reply, and as I said no danger. Just wanted to know that you've seen it.
Last week I filled the year and got a beautiful bracelet from you with the names Ebba and Maja on. Super nice, really like your jewelry and have way too many already but have already seen another one that I want...
Malin W

8 Aug, 2018
Thank you, we just paid via Pay Pal, thanks for the quick & friendly service! 😊👍
Päivi Roiha-Kanerva

8 Aug, 2018
Thank you so much for cooking the necklace. Really good service you have 👍
Sincerely Tony

8 Aug, 2018
You're fantastic!!!
Thanks!! 💜💜💜💜

31 July, 2018
Hello Amanda. Now I've got my stuff. I am JÄTTENÖJD. Thank you very much.
What will I be guilty of?

July 18, 2018

I got the necklace today, so nice!
A thousand thanks for working so fast to get it ready! Very grateful! Becomes a perfect baptism gift to give away.
Have a nice summer!
Many greetings, Camilla Nyström

July 18, 2018
Thanks Amanda for this super cool nice necklace that damp down in the mailbox today! My daughter will be so happy when she fills the year. She is a real she-devil, a fighter and a tough girl so this necklace will fit her perfectly!
Hug Christina Bundy Nyström 

July 18, 2018
Thanks! It has arrived and it is sååååå nice!!! MOM will love the!!!
But I will bypass your shop someday anyway because I want nig buy a 30års gift for myself
Thanks for the nice work and nice service!
Best regards/Micaela

July 17, 2018
A thousand thanks for the necklace and the fast service! Nice 🙂
Have a nice summer!
Greetings Johanna 

July 11, 2018
Just got my order, really happy. But when do I get paper/mail so I can pay?
Greetings Evelina Sandström

June 26, 2018
Hi Amanda, many thanks for my fine jewelry 🤗 they are great nice! Have a nice holiday and a fantastic weddings 💍
Hugs Lena in Västervik

June 19, 2018
The parents were incredibly happy, unfortunately, the small middle of the meal fell asleep so she missed the opening 😂😂

June 18, 2018
Hello Amanda!
The bracelet came just in the mailbox. I am so happy, a thousand thanks!!
Hope you have a nice week!
Hug Britta

June 11, 2018
Today the necklace came so nicely it was
Many thanks
Kram Marie
Name Necklace

June 4, 2018
Hi! Received my necklace today and it was just as I wished! Love it!

June 1, 2018
THANKS for the CRUELly nice gifts and for that you were with and made my evening to an absolutely fantastic evening and night. I have a wonderful name jewel around the neck today, a candlestick that cut and cut for our home in the window and looks tokmycket forward to enjoying the DAY spa.
You are the best!! 💜💜💜🤸🏼‍♀
Sofia Strömqvist

30 May, 2018
Success again! A thousand thanks Amanda for the Cuff bracelet. So simple and so neat. And Miss Shedevil with the silver heart hangs now next to his sister with gold heart. Trådhjärtat you sent with will have to move around between all my necklaces made by you! I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Hug Malin

30 May, 2018
Hi Amanda,
A thousand thanks for you so nicely added to my daughter's name, now the family is complete (along with the eternity ring with "Love").
Happy Summer!
Greetings Josefine 

29 May, 2018
Hello Amanda. Just wanted to say that the bracelet came up and that I am JÄTTENÖJD. Superfine.
Luiza Tolvanen

28 May, 2018
What neat you care for everything, so professional. My mail already exists with you so I bought another necklace from you.
Therese Bok

28 May, 2018
Very nice! She was very happy.
/Peter s

28 May, 2018
The bracelet has come forward, thank you very much 😊
Tjoho, perfect student gift! Thank you, I swish!
Therese Andersson

27 May 2018
Good morning, Amanda! Wanted to be show you the reactions to your fine work 😍 Many have asked if the bracelet and the daughters are so satisfied with theirs. Thanks! Greets Christina 😍

May 26, 2018
Nice best Amanda, thanks for the bracelet! I am more than satisfied. Wish you a continued nice weekend. Hugs Susanne Brugger

25 May, 2018
Got the necklace today! Looked really nice out! Thank you very much!! ❤
Sincerely Carina Collstam

25 May, 2018
So nicely fixed!! Finally, it's on again! Thanks for super fast service! 😍
Christine Henriksson

May 24, 2018
O va fast you were on VA fiiiina it was, thanks 🤗🤗🤗 so happy ❤
Can I get a receipt?
How resistant is the gold-faith coated? Is it 14 el 18 carat? Think if I can shower with?
Hugs MariaLee Kim

22 May. 2018
Hei Igjen.
Da er smykket come frem. Thousand Takk, it is kjempefint:-)

21 May. 2018
Now sits the heart of the top and the nice little e:t, you are the best!
Hugs from us 🌺 Bente

15 May 2018
Today came the washer, it was great 👍👍
Thank you very much.  Sincerely Maria


14 May. 2018
Thanks! The happiness when I open and the feeling that the necklace is now complete after 9 years is both magical and powerful! Thank you for helping me with this nice, now they are always with me ❤ thank you for creating it so nicely ❤
Best regards
Caroline Bjarnevi


10 May. 2018
Thank you please for your sick fast service. And what neat it was late! 💕 and giant thanks for the cute bracelet. 😘 have a nice weekend.
Hugs Sandra Rutberg 🌸.

May 8.2018
It came at the post today... So nice! Love it!!!
Name Necklace from

May 8.2018
Oops. You are so quick. 💕 You Rock! Thank you thank you thank you!!
Sandra R

May 8.2018
You are just the BEST! 🌹🌹
Everything was so neat, feels the top with new matching "set" for the summer.
Feel So good! 🌺🌸
Biggest hug from us
Bente & Eliz

18 April. 2018
Must write and thank! Got today home my necklace that I ordered on Monday. M:et stands for my fiance's name and Walther is our son who today will be a month.
Oh it's SO amazingly nice, I'll wear this every day! Many thanks! 💖🌸 Sofie
Name Necklace from

18 April. 2018
From Nice email conversation, fast delivery and so nice results in the form of the jewelery, I can not be anything but super happy – so it's really me who should thank! 😍🌟

14 April. 2018
Must of course show 😍👌 it can of course borrow the stakes chain so I can use my dear stylish name Jewelry also together with Miss Shedevil 😇
Hug!! Sincerely,
Chris WA


13 April. 2018
Thanks for the delivery! The bracelet was really beautiful!!! I have not received the invoice yet but I guess it will:)
Happy Holidays!
Catherine Bodén

13 April. 2018
Happy and grateful to my nice mom who gave me the best Easter gift ever! So nice necklace – thanks for your creativity! Hug and good luck with love and the wedding! 💞
Erika T

Name Necklace from

7 April. 2018
Oh so nice, and above all discreet. Just what I wanted. Thank you Amanda😍
Anna Å

6 April. 2018
You are incredible, the jewellery came today!! Thanks a thousand!  And beautiful, it was also she was really happy!
Christina Saratha

2 April. 2018
Hi Amanda,
Just wanted to tell you that the package came as it would and the content was really nice, so thank you so much for it 😊
// Therese

21 March. 2018
Now I have worn the thin silver ring with my heart together with my namnring in gold for two days and I love the combination. So I have topped the rings with the necklace Elegance that came in the same box as the silver ring with my coinhalshand. Love it! I love all my Amandasmycken and the crowd just grows. What supersilversmed you are!!!
Hugs Malin

19 March. 2018
Thanks for the incredibly beautiful jewelry! ❤ Have one on me now 😊
Marie Walther

15 March. 2018
Today I got my super nice bracelet.
I am so pleased
Sincerely Ann Lindqvist

12 March. 2018
Oh what a nice necklace I found in my mailbox today!! 😃 now it's perfectly 😊. Thanks!!!
Hug Cecilia
Sent from my iPhone

12 March. 2018
Now I've got my jewelry!
Greetings Linda Nahilda

8 March. 2018
A thousand thanks for sooo beautiful necklace ❤❤ 😍

7 March. 2018
Hi! Got the nice necklace today! So amazingly nice😍
Anna-Karin Norell


5 March. 2018
Aaaaah I love it!!! (Barely unpacking it before it sat on your wrist😊💕) Forgot to write thanks from Isa (and mother Ulrika)


21 Feb. 2018
Nice Amanda!
It is a true pleasure to wear the unique shedevil. Very nice and I have received several positive comments today. Thank you for being so service-oriented!

15 Feb. 2018
What fun 😊 I long to bear my sons ' names around my neck
Chris Lachhani

24 Jan. 2018
The Unicorn is superfine! Many thanks again!
Hugs Maria

23 Jan. 2018
Yes, really nice is it! And, many comments also tell you that it is fine:). It means a lot to be able to gather the children's name on a piece of jewelry because we lost our eldest son, Frank, in the fall of 2015 in leukemia when he was five years. So it's so nice to see the names together on the nice bracelet 💕.

19 Jan. 2018
A huge thank you for the super fast service!
Happy Holidays!
Sincerely, Jessica.

16 Jan. 2018

First of all, many thanks for your nice service!
I think the bracelet gets a bit expensive when I get it just as I want it. and should I have a bracelet so I want it exactly those I want it 🙂 so I have to think a little so I will return!
Sincerely, Annika Kivikangas.

8 Jan. 2018
Thanks I got the necklace today, on what good it was!!! 🙂 a thousand Thanks!  Hugs Angelica 

8 Jan. 2018

Hello to you
I got the pendant today thanks it's really nice, I have paid the invoice now during the evening so you should see the payment tomorrow.
Have a good
Anna Karin Hansson

Dec 14.2017

Thanks for the necklace that came today! So nice!!! 😍
Greetings Ionia 💜

12 Dec. 2017

Hello Amanda!
It's really this that makes you soo wonderful!
Your amazing dedication and accessibility that makes you so unique!
So wonderful with a people who advises, advises and has the desire for everything to always be good, not just produce and sell.

Yes, you are absolutely right!
Nah run everything with big letters right through, will probably prettier on the tile anyway.
On two lines. This time I can imagine taking the tray that you had at the booth in the store, thus not the same as you did with my children's name on.
Thinking that it will be finer to SIS when it felt more feminine.
Hugs Ann:)

7 Dec. 2017

Hi! Was a little afraid that the ring would feel great. Did not experience it when it came on your finger. The ring is cruelly neat. Retains the ring and is satisfied with the purchase.
Thanks Nina

3 Dec. 2017


Thanks for the quick and good work. Got the necklace on the post last Friday and is JÄTTENÖJD. Nicely done!
However, I paid for wrapping which was not done. Can probably survive the extra cost but it is a bit fretful.
Have a good thing!

22 Nov. 2017

Beautiful! Thank you for that!
Måste passa på att skriva – mina ringar med barnens namn bär jag varje dag. De är det finaste jag har! <3
Have a nice day!
Sincerely Linda

20 Nov. 2017

Hi. Today came the bracelet. Thank you very much. It was really nice!
Sincerely, Peter

10 Nov. 2017

The bracelet came today and it is so nice! Thanks for the quick delivery and fine craftsmanship. My mother will be so happy.
Hugs Malin

8 Nov. 2017
Thank you sincerely! You really make amazing fine jewelry
All good, Hanna

5 Nov. 2017
Hello Amanda!
I got the jewelry and it's really beautiful? Gonna be so much fun giving it away next Sunday!
Unfortunately, I have to wait with an order on the keychain. As a student, I have to think a little about the economy.
But promise that I will return!? Is super happy with your job and your service!
Sincerely satisfied Customer
/Marie Öhrn

24 Oct. 2017
Thank you. Thank you for such incredible good service. You are cruel.
The money swished. Many thanks nice you ❤️❤️❤️
Katarina L

24 Oct. 2017
Yesterday the necklace came home to me. Jättefina! Today, my hands are hanging around my neck in the short chain? The second chain became too long. Measured and it seems to be 70, in my order I chose 60 I see. Is it possible to send it back and send a 60? I would actually also like to order an armoured link in 60. Should I put a new order for it or is it enough with this email?

24 Oct. 2017
Then I understand, no then it may be as it is, do not want a pytte foot? Is super happy you should know. Thank you for your existence?
Best regards
Maria Lundgren

24 Oct. 2017
Hi? A thousand thanks for your help with the jewellery!? And so shiny and nice was it when it came back also???
How much should I swish?
Hugs Rebecca?

Oct 13. 2017
Yesterday came the ring and pendant, thanks
Was so pleased
Check the image too
Would like a certificate of Authenticity too, on the diamonds. Since I once been robbed of jewelry, I am always careful to document....
Thanks again and hug//
MariaLee Kim

22 Oct. 2017
I just want to say that I am SO SATISFIED.
Thank you.
Hugs Katarina

20 Oct. 2017
Giant Thank you! Love it!
Happy Holidays!

20 Oct. 2017
Thank you very much, he was VERY happy with the necklace and loves it!
Sincerely, Tina
Sent from my iPhone

20 Oct. 2017
Hello again!
I just want to reconnect that I now got the home necklace and is SO happy! Thanks for the nicely done work and excellent service.

Oct 13. 2017
A thousand thanks Amanda, was very pleased!
Mike Westerling

Oct 12. 2017
Hi, I got the jewelry yesterday. So incredibly beautiful! Thanks for the fast delivery!
Nicka Burström

Oct 11. 2017
Today we got the jewelry in the mail box and they are so nice! Thanks! Their grandmother should get these in 60-year present and will be so happy!

Oct 3. 2017
A thousand thanks for the bracelet, it was perfect! And the top with reflexes!

2 Oct. 2017
Got the ring and is super happy! Now it gets the seat in the glove if I spin it into the hand. Perfect and just as neat indeed. O God, how nice. THANKS Talk about nice service. Should talk about you to EVERYONE I know.

29 Sep. 2017
Hey nice You
Now the ring is on my finger. It was soo Nice.... not really like the idea I had in my head... Better 🙂 Thanks, once again for a fantastic fine craftsmanship!
Wishing you a really nice weekend
Hugs Camilla

28 Sep. 2017
Tack för ett fint jobb! Jag är jättenöjd med halsbandet! Det ser verkligen ut som nytt <3
Sreekanth s

28 Sep. 2017
Thank you so much for making my jewelry so nice. Now my beloved children's name hangs around my neck again & glitters!

27 Sep. 2017
Thanks for the quick reply and a nice welcome 😀
Tina M

16 Sep. 2017
Hi Amanda,
The bracelet with green beads is super nice. You are so right.... Green is nice! Thank you for doing everything to make all my jewellery just as I wish. Superthanks!!

15 Sep. 2017
Ååå va nöjd jag är över smyckena från dig <3
Sincerely from Naemi Thunberg

11 Sep. 2017
I was so happy with the jewellery I ordered. The hand-hold of Selma's hand. Saw that many people who liked it on Instagram.
Nina Thurs Farm

8 Sep. 2017
Good evening! A thousand thanks for everything nicely and them super-fast delivery 😀
Jättenöjd with everything! So comfortable earrings are m the back cover. I instagrammar then when I fastened "Herman" in the bracelet 😀 sincerely regards Victoria

8 Sep. 2017
Today I submitted the "jewellery" to my best friend. It was of course tears but she was SO happy.
Thank you very much and nice weekend!
Viktoria B

7 Sep. 2017
So many thanks Amanda! I've never been with someone as service-oriented as you and at the same time doing everything on top
Big hug and lots of thanks again!
Malin L

2 Sep. 2017
Thanks for the amazing coins! 😀
Sincerely, Vanessa Cicero

31 Aug. 2017
I have previously bought a wonderful necklace from you and would now like to supplement with two new tags, would you like to be nice and bring out a price of what two like tags in silver with the engraving of the names Gustav and Viktor would cost? Attaches picture of my necklace. I am so amazingly happy with both quality and design! Great location.
Thanks in advance!
Sreekanth s

30 Aug. 2017
Now I have for real abstinence and dare NOT use the necklace Föränn you had service on it because I pinched break call to name tag 🙁 please tell me that you have run out of holiday soon!
But absolutely incredible what it has been doing well anyway!!!! Bought it in May 2007 so have worn it daily in wet dry for over 10yrs!!! And then I train even a lot with a cut of at least 6 times/week they skulls actually around some on the neck DOM where the washers!
Sincerely Monika Krafth

28 Aug. 2017
Thanks for the ring!
It was just after my wishes
Greetings Karolina

16 Aug. 2017
I don't know if I've sent or said, but my girls are so super happy in their jewelry and that's the only thing they keep track of besides their mobile on SEM.
When the collar is taken off when basting etc.
And they love to turn them on so it almost gets like two jewels in one.
Extra success was their little own quote on each that they read and think of every day.
Big thanks the world's best jewelry designer!
Margareta Kingham, Lidingö

30 June. 2017
Thanks please Amanda! The gift arrived, most beautiful as always! Will be thrilled to see if she likes it as much as I love your beautiful artwork. Have a wonderful summer!

Katherine Sjörup

22 June. 2017
Tack Amanda för den fina ringen!!! Helt underbar är den <3
Cecilia Tunared

22 June. 2017
Hi Amanda,
Today came the finpost to me! A thousand Thanks, the bracelet was really nice!
Wishing you a nice midsummer,
Greetings Madeleine

21 June. 2017
Many thanks for the extremely appreciated Skolavslutnings present!
Izzy, Zoë & Julia loved her personal necklace with the name on the back.
Hug Maggie

13 June. 2017
Hello again,
Just want to thank you for the fast delivery and the fine jewellery!
Wishing you a nice day! Camilla Ettehag

12 June. 2017
Now I've got my nice necklace. I'm super happy!
Anna Thunberg

4 June. 2017
Hi Amanda,
You can breathe out, it came up. It was really nice, thank you very much 🙂
Have a good

31 May. 2017
Hi! At Mothers day I got a wonderful necklace of my daughter (which her grandmother had helped her to order with you). Just wanted to tell you that I love them and wear them every day. All mothers should have a necklace like that! I have with me both my children right next to the heart wherever I go! Thousand thousand Thanks for the wonderful jewelry you make!!! I will come back to you and order a wonderful necklace for my mom
Sincerely Angelica

28 May. 2017
I have been so happy with both the jewellery and your customer service! Also recommend EVERYONE to shop by you who will buy any type of name jewelry!
Really nice that you want to help me! Pack and post the chain tomorrow.
Thanks a thousand!
Did you, by the way, have a discount in connection with Mothers Day? Have wished me your "coins" by my partner or rather by my children.

28 May. 2017
The necklace was much appreciated! Beautiful!
Thanks please for amazing work and fast delivery!!
// Johanna

28 May. 2017
The bracelet was a success it was really nice!
Thanks for your help
Sincerely Peter

26 May. 2017
Now came the package:-)
Thanks for the good service.
Should I swish you? Number?

26 May. 2017
Tack världens bästa Amanda för smyckena <3 <3 <3  Så fina de blev!
Big hug!

23 May. 2017
Now it is downloaded, sooo amazingly satisfied!
I LOVE it!!!
Thank you and once again excuse me for my vela.
Jessica E

21 May. 2017
Hi! This week I got my jewelry and just wanted to tell you that I'm so happy! Now I love it even more than I did before. It was perfect, just as I imagined.
Thanks a thousand!
Sincerely, Marie S
Sent from my iPhone

May 19.2017
Stort tack för det fina armbandet <3 min mamma blev så glad och tycker om det väldigt mycket.
Malin Island

May 19.2017
What a super fast service Amanda! Time as always barely put the order before the jewellery is delivered. The oldest brother's daughter has admired my Infinitysmycken and now she gets her own bracelet in student gift! Can't think of better gift.
Have a great summer!

12 May. 2017
Dear Amanda,
I am so Lucky !! The bracelet is wonderful ! I am so in Love !! <3 <3
Thank you so much !!! <3
Tomorrow i will write in my Blog about you ! <3
Have a nice day!
Yours Naddy

4 May. 2017
Hi Amanda,
The necklace has come forward, thanks for the quick work and neat jewelry 🙂

27 April. 2017
Warm thanks for the amazing jewelry to wear. I'm probably going to try your Coinsmycken also 🙂
Send in the payment to you tonight when I come home from work 🙂
Hugs Anne-Louise
Sent from my iPhone

24 April. 2017
Hello Amanda!
Just want to announce that the bracelet was super nice and that my wife was really happy now in the morning 🙂
Thank you for a fine craftsmanship!

18 April. 2017
Hi! Amanda Tray was really nice with the engraving... Attached image..
You may post it on your Instagram if you want...
Sincerely Christina Lacoste

13 April. 2017
What fine jewellery was with Samuel Alva and Tilde! Is JÄTTENÖJD!
Sarah Åkerström
Sent from my iPhone

8 April. 2017
Hey, have just forgotten – the necklace has arrived and it was really nice, just as I imagined 🙂 thank you!

6 April. 2017
Warmly warm thanks!!!
SOOO nice!!!
As I have longed for many years!
Will be with pride and joy in New York. Freshly separated and with all my children a new time begins.
Will it invoice the emails?
Big hug
Anne-Louise Tidare

23 March. 2017
The necklace has come and is super nice! I just forgot to tell you it...
Many thanks!!
Hugs Sara
Sent from my iPhone

21 March. 2017
Thanks please for the nice name necklace. Was very happy with the results!
Sincerely Maria Naa

20 March. 2017
Hi! Thanks for the nice necklace, it's perfect!
Sincerely Mikaela Rosen Dahl

10 March. 2017
Thanks Amanda, the bracelet is really nice!
Nadia K

1 March. 2017
Tack underbara fantastiska Amanda! Jag förstår inte hur du klarar av att vara så himla snabb, tillmötesgående och serviceminded-de luxe varje gång! Jag hör av mig igen när ny beställning vankas, var så säker <3 Kram!
Sara h

27 Feb. 2017
Hi Amanda,
Thank you very much for your fine work with my husband's necklace. He was overjoyed when he got it back, he's really super happy. Love Me Fender!
How do I pay? Can you send an invoice? Or should I deposit money at Bankgirot? Please let me know!
Thanks in advance!
Sincerely Krisztina Lachee

19 Feb. 2017
I just wanted to thank you for the nice Manchettknapparna! They are exactly how I imagined. They are absolutely perfect! And they will fit my future husband perfectly!
Of course I could not keep myself from giving him the direct ones when they were so incredibly fine. And my discerning partner (when it comes to jewelry) was really happy.
Dessa kommer att bli perfekta på vår dag! Så tack <3
Hugs Malin

14 Feb. 2017
Hello Amanda!
Today came the squeaky ring 🙂 I ordered it pretty big because I want it loose, and it was perfect! Thanks please for the nice angel!
Your jewelry is so nice and wear them always!
Hugs Jenny
Sent from my iPhone

9 Feb. 2017
Hello Amanda!
I picked out the jewellery today. They were absolutely wonderful and will be used every day in the future! I want to thank you for your fine work and your help with all my thousand questions before the order.
Have a nice Thursday!
Louise Nordhäll

30 Jan. 2017
Hi, just wanted to say that the wife was very happy with the bracelet! She thought it was amazing nice! So again a big thank you! 🙂
Henrik B

26 Jan. 2017
Warm thanks, for the nice bracelet!
Your thoughtfulness shines through from jewellery to package wrapping. This makes me smile.
Order number 90382744
Greetings Gunilla Ström

25 Jan. 2017
Hello Amanda!
I have ordered another name badge to my necklace with the name Loki. Is super happy with the necklace and is really happy for the offer to send in this and get it trimmed etc. Thanks!
Sincerely, Isabelle

16 Jan. 2017
Hello Amanda!
I just want to tell you that the bracelet I ordered from you was so nice and my husband is so happy for it!
Even many others have said that it is so nice and wondered where I bought it:-)!
I have talked about that.
So thank you so much for your fine work.
Best regards
Francis Eames

24 Dec. 2016
Just wanted to send a picture of how Mom's necklace became with new coin 🙂
She greets and is super happy!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs Malin A

24 Dec. 2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS World's best Amanda!
And THANK YOU for the nice Christmas gift! Finds no words for how happy I was over such a nice Christmas gift! And so surprised AGAIN Hihi.... Wonderful! Shows of course it on blog and Instagram going forward.
Lot of Christmas hugs, hope you get the best Christmas!
Best regards

21 Dec. 2016
What fun that you enjoy the flower. My absolute Christmas favorite!
You are more than the host flower so beautiful jewelry that I have thanks to you!
Great Julkram!
Malin L

21 Dec. 2016
Hello and thanks for the great service and absolutely wonderful jewelry!
Merry Christmas! Hugs Johanna!

20 Dec. 2016
Hi Amanda and thanks for the really nice cufflinks 🙂
For your info, the invoice is now paid.
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.
Hugs Hug/Malin N

Dec 14.2016
Sick good service!
/Andreas Zehlander

12 Dec. 2016
Återigen Amanda – du är grym! <3
Thanks for the fine coins! So cute and perfect!
Hugs Malin A

21 Nov. 2016

Now I got my necklace and I'm sooo happy! It's really nice! Thanks!!!
Payment by road.
Many hugs from a happy and very satisfied Britt.

17 Nov. 2016


What would I do without your service feeling?

You're an angel!!! I have already placed an order. Was inside our little gold shop today and tried out the right size. But jeez what service you hold. I've been thinking about the ring for several weeks and it's hard to decide whether it should be lowercase or uppercase and the placement of diamonds. As usual I totally trust you Amanda 🙂 Remove or add a diamond. What will be the finest. You're right, on the contrary, it should be of course, love overcomes everything, and I gladly take a heart between Peter and the rest of the text....

Hugs, Malin L

16 Nov. 2016
Thanks please for the loan of the ring measure! What a great service.
Hugs Pernilla & Richard

15 Nov. 2016
Just downloaded the nice necklace! It was just as I imagined. Thank you for working so fast, now I can have it when we travel away on Thursday!
Now I just have a little wonder. I had thought that the heart would be in gold... Missed enough to say it. What would it cost to replace the Silverhjärtat?
Thank you in advance and have a continued good day!
John B
Sent from my iPhone

31 Oct. 2016
Hello again Amanda!
Stort tack för putsningen och inte minst för det fina gröna hjärtat! Du gör liksom alltid det där lilla extra som gör att man känner sig så speciell <3
My sister-in-law is going to get her updated necklace on Friday, thanks again!
Hugs Patricia

21 Oct. 2016
Hello again,
I met my doctorate mate and she wore her fine jewellery from you! She was JÄTTENÖJD!
Big hug from Hanna
PS. The Little Bear also greets

16 Oct. 2016
Thank you for the fine jewellery that I picked up on the post today.
Sent from my iPhone

Oct 13. 2016
Wonderful service I have to say:).//Eleonore

7 Oct. 2016
Hi Amanda,
I would just like to say that my wife was extremely happy with her birthday present and I would like to thank you for getting to me on time as promised.
I will definitely be spreading the word of your fantastic jewellery design.
Thank you,
Duane P Shepherd

Oct 3. 2016
Many thanks!
Amanda – for such a nice necklace and help Jocke got!
Is the dearest I have received!
Hope all is well with you.
Hugs/Helen Selemark

2 Oct. 2016
Hi! Pulled out the cufflinks today. Stylish!. Thanks for the peachy service!
Anna-Bell Björk
Sent from my iPhone

30 Sep. 2016
Yet another valuable piece of jewellery made by you has landed with me. As lightning again you are when it comes to service and as always I am so satisfied. And a pink Putsduk in October is just so right. Thanks!
Have a nice weekend!

30 Sep. 2016
Da has Jeg hentet smykket on the post office. Kjempefint!
A thousand Takk for all Succor! Fleet Service!
Sendt fra my iPhone

24 Sep. 2016
Hello Amanda!
Is and celebrates 7 year old Bröllosdag with the man and got one of your fine jewelry! After many taggningar on your pictures of different jewellery, he finally grasped the hint.
Thousand thousand Thanks!
Chris N

19 Sep. 2016
Our rings came today. So wonderfully beautiful they are! Absolutely amazing, and what a weight and so personal. Thanks a thousand!
Greetings Christina and Birgitta
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18 Sep. 2016
Tack Amanda för det underbara och snygga armbandet <3 tillägnat mannen i mitt liv, mitt livs kärlek för honom & mig. Du är fantastisk med ditt hantverk.
Hugs Anki

18 Sep. 2016
Thanks please Amanda for my nice pendant. Now my necklace is perfect with the whole family near me.
And you had finished so I got it on my birthday.
I am so satisfied.
Thank you.
Sincerely Sofie

15 Sep. 2016
Thanks for the super fine bracelet! And for the fast delivery!
Awesome service!

12 Sep. 2016
Thank you for fixing my necklace! It was really nice! 😀
Have a good day!

Finally, the necklace is complemented with Rosa's name. When I ordered the necklace two years ago I did not have a view of more children, but in the order form it was "announce if it should get place more names in the future so I left place" and I thought "you never know". And that was lucky. I can absolutely rekommdera Amanda's jewelry, they are hammered by hand and better service you get to look for! Besides the extra name of the tray, the necklace was also polished so it shines as new!

11 Sep. 2016
Ville bara skicka och tacka för ett underbart fint halsband till maken <3 Det blev precis så fint som jag föreställde mig och han blev så överraskad och glad! Han älskar det <3 Så roligt att få överraska min andra hälft som är så fantastisk på alla vis och alltid ger av sig själv och finns där till 100% <3 Tack för att du gjorde detta smycke och för supersnabb leverans! <3 Han hälsar att han ska aldrig ta av sig det <3 Förutom möjligtvis när vi ska åka vattenrutschbana med barnen för det var så han tappade bort sitt förra halsband (som dock inte var designat av dej <3)
Hugs Rebecca

9 Sep. 2016
Hi! Sorry that the response has allowed itself to linger!
The cufflinks are amazingly nice and
Delivery in perfect time (as usual 🙂
Happy Holidays! HÄLSN Hanna Angel

8 Sep. 2016
Dear Amanda, What can I say?
How nice pendants any time! Now I can vary myself for eternity with my pendants and trays. Move them around between necklaces and bracelets as I like. Now I have a jewellery wardrobe worthy of the name. And so I have seen that you sent with an extra pendant and sat a wonderful pink heart in the chain. You are incredibly cute and generous!
Many thanks and a big hug!

8 Sep. 2016
Tack bästa Amanda för armbandet. Ljuvligt vackert! <3 Tack också för din otroligt snabba service när jag har huvudet fullt av skumgummi och är ute i sista sekund. Du räddade min dag. Vi ses snart. Tusen kramar S

6 Sept. 2016
Good afternoon!
Downloaded my jewelry just, wonderful! Thanks Amanda for "a new necklace" and the amazing bracelet – I fell in love right away! It went on and learn to sit there around the clock 🙂
Hugs to you

6 Sep. 2016
Thanks again Amanda! The day I got coins and heart I came to the post directly from the dentist for my tooth was removed then the fine coins and heart made me so happy and helped to recover 🙂
Have a nice day!

5 Sep. 2016
"I've come up with the addictiveness of your name jewelry!!
Have a giant's sex weekend and a thousand thousand thanks for having such a fantastic service. GOLD Host!!! Hugs Malin "

2 Sep. 2016
I've found out that your jewelry is addictive!!
Have a giant's sex weekend and a thousand thousand thanks for having such a fantastic service. GOLD Host!!!

30 Aug. 2016
You are amazing! What super-nice tiles with "sparkling" diamonds that you created. I am more than super happy and you have once again made a fantastic piece of jewellery for me. So stylish, and simple and at the same time a romantic necklace with a little attitude. Now I have a very own name jewelry by Amanda collection that only needs a ring to be complete. That order is coming soon.
Thanks a thousand!
Hugs Malin (and Puss K)

Hi Amanda,
A couple of months ago I ordered a necklace for myself.
This necklace I have only had to try with closed eyes to check as the length sued. It was a wedding gift from my husband when we got married yesterday.
You may think that I have longed to see it and wear it.
What I want to say with this Svamliga mail is that I absolutely love my necklace and therefore I want to thank you for having done it just as I wanted it. Also, the exclusive box was really the icing on the spot.
Thanks Amanda!
Sincerely Louise

22 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to thank for the top service! The new necklace has arrived and now sits it just as I wished, thank you!
Kind regards Johanna

22 Aug. 2016
I have downloaded the necklace and I am JÄTTENÖJD! Thank you so much for the fantastic service and fast delivery!

21 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
So nicely the bracelet was! The daughter was so happy, so she has now ordered a small coin to have in the necklace too, for money she got when she confirmed herself. I hope now that I have succeeded with this order and that I do not trouble to it again.

19 Aug. 2016
Good Morning Amanda!
When I got home so Postnord had sent out a reminder in the mailbox, so the bracelet is downloaded and the partner was very happy, so thanks for the nice job you put down.
But she had seen the bracelet on Facebook already.
Sincerely, Daniel Persson

Hello Amanda!
Just want to thank you very sincerely for the beautiful bracelet. He was so happy! It was perfect!
We will definitely get back to you for more orders!
Big hug

1 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
Thank you very much for your artwork according to my wishes.
Is so happy with it!
Wishing you the & family a continued lovely holiday!
Many happy greetings,
Malin Johansson from Västra Frölunda GBG
(You are welcome to use it as an advertisement if it can give you a positive 🙂

Hi Amanda,
A couple of months ago I ordered a necklace for myself.
This necklace I have only had to try with closed eyes to check as the length sued. It was a wedding gift from my husband when we got married yesterday.
You may think that I have longed to see it and wear it.
What I want to say with this Svamliga mail is that I absolutely love my necklace and therefore I want to thank you for having done it just as I wanted it. Also, the exclusive box was really the icing on the spot.
Thanks Amanda!
Sincerely Louise

22 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to thank for the top service! The new necklace has arrived and now sits it just as I wished, thank you!
Kind regards Johanna

22 Aug. 2016
I have downloaded the necklace and I am JÄTTENÖJD! Thank you so much for the fantastic service and fast delivery!

21 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
So nicely the bracelet was! The daughter was so happy, so she has now ordered a small coin to have in the necklace too, for money she got when she confirmed herself. I hope now that I have succeeded with this order and that I do not trouble to it again.

19 Aug. 2016
Good Morning Amanda!
When I got home so Postnord had sent out a reminder in the mailbox, so the bracelet is downloaded and the partner was very happy, so thanks for the nice job you put down.
But she had seen the bracelet on Facebook already.
Sincerely, Daniel Persson

Hello Amanda!
Just want to thank you very sincerely for the beautiful bracelet. He was so happy! It was perfect!
We will definitely get back to you for more orders!
Big hug

1 Aug. 2016
Hello Amanda!
Thank you very much for your artwork according to my wishes.
Is so happy with it!
Wishing you the & family a continued lovely holiday!
Many happy greetings,
Malin Johansson from Västra Frölunda GBG
(You are welcome to use it as an advertisement if it can give you a positive 🙂

Hi, just wanted to say that I was super happy with the necklace, and my boyfriend also who now wear it 🙂 I return absolutely as a customer.
Thank you, Linnéa

They were really nice!
Sincerely, Mathias

Amanda, you did it again!
What a wonderful gold jewellery! I am more than super happy with my perpetual gold bracelet! The next time I'm in Stockholm it's time for a ring or three of a kind in rings maybe. Magical jewellery from a magical silver forger!
Big hug

Good Morning Amanda!
When I got home so Postnord had sent out a reminder in the mailbox, so the bracelet is downloaded and the partner was very happy, so thanks for the nice job you put down 🙂
But she had seen the bracelet on Facebook already.
Sincerely, Daniel Persson

Just want to say that I am so happy about my necklace.
Finally, I did blow in the matter!
Mia Thors Grane

How grateful I am for the jewellery that came with the mail today can not be described with words. It came tears when I tried thanks beloved mother necklace. What a memory of mom who passed away far too early. My dream catches bracelet is me. Absolutely amazing! Now I can carry with me three of those that mean a lot to me every day. Now comes the next order, Infinityarmbandet in gold! Amanda, I wish you a nice summer and I hope you can understand what lovely memories you help to preserve through your jewelry!
Lots of hugs
MalinAmanda, the receiver fell tears of happiness for the necklace, and when she saw the back – to have Jan closest to the heart, she began to cry even more. Thanks Amanda for yet another successful piece of jewellery! I'm soon back with a new order. Thanks Elin Blad

Hello Amanda!
Now I've got the nice cufflinks and bracelet. So nice!
My husband will get the buttons that look like eights on our first wedding day... So that he should never forget that date (8/8)! An eight on each arm!
If you know that you have a little absent you have to go around the problems 😉
Thank you once again for a nice job!!!

Thanks Nice Amanda!
Yesterday came the really nice necklace!
It was the bright spot in the tongue I'm currently doing after my father.
Micke sa idag att ringarna dessutom kanske kommer innan veckan är slut! Så nu har jag ytterligare en ljuspunkt att se fram emot <3
Thank you for the very nice and nice visit to you in the studio!
Det känns så bra att jag hållit fast vid att jag vill ha dessa smycken utav dig, ännu bättre när det visade sig att du är en sån fin och vänlig människa!  <3
I really want to thank you!
Hugs from Therese K

Hey, the necklace came up today and it's just as wonderfully nice as I wanted! Thank you, I know that my partner and future husband will love it. The problem is just sticking to the 6/8.. It gets struggle:D.
Greetings Magdalena

Hi Hello, Super satisfied customer here, the ring is so perfectly perfect as it can become!
Four stones became the top, ME + 4 in the family, 4 decades and 4 clothing sizes less under
The year that has gone-much to be happy and proud of Mao. HÄLSN Hanna
Ps. I think the stones are super nice – work rings but luxurious. Ds.

Tack så jätte mycket för snabb service! Nu hänger halsbandet runt halsen, med 2 av mina värdefullaste personer i mitt liv <3
Alexandra Åkerström

Again, totally gorgeous jewelry and you work faster than the flash. What a service and what a stylish design with personal touch! Infinityhalsbandet and the leaves have now been given real competition. Both Victorias much and the little heart hides are delightful. Now I just miss gold a lot....
I can clean my calendar and go to Stockholm on 16 or 17 June. 20 or 21 June also works. Can I hope that one of the days suits you?

Hi Amanda,

Has today fetched a fantastic beautiful bracelet and necklace with such beautiful leaves. Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and an honor to wear. I just sent off another order and am convinced that these jewelry is just as nice as the others you created

I came on that I totally forgot to thank you for the extra charm you sent with my previous order so I do now, many thanks.

I also want to place an order for a gold jewellery and wonder how your open hours look like in summer? I would love to visit your shop and thought to try to get to a trip to Stockholm where I can take the opportunity and look into your store for some inspiration before I make my order.

Have a wonderful evening!

They came up today!!!!! Absolutely incredible! Just in Time:))
Amanda!! So nice they were! I'm super happy! Couldn't be better! Thanks please for all you done!
Hugs and Happy Holidays!
Louise Bernard, Switzerland

Yep, it was my letter and the gift is handed over to the 40 year old who was very pleased and happy about the necklace! Thank you once again for your help!
There will be more orders going forward.
/Maria Lacey

Hi! Thanks please for the really nice necklace!
I'm sooo happy!
Chandran S Nair

I just want to thank you so incredibly much for a quick delivery and a really nice job. I recently ordered a bracelet by you with the name of my daughter and husband. I'm so happy!!!
Thanks PLEASE!!!!!!
Sincerely Jessica Löfstaf.

THANK you so much for the new name jewelry!! Now I am completely satisfied! What a super service, therefore, I will really recommend you to friends who want to have a name jewelry in the future!
Thanks a thousand!
Sincerely Jenny Apro

Hei Amanda,
The new Smykket your funny Nydelig! Og jeg er også veldig fornøyd with Alle Komplimenteringene mine!
Good Easter til dough og Dine!

NOW finally I got the home necklace, sent the husband because I'm seedy, (wanted to downloaded yesterday) and I say only AAAAAAA,,,, It was super nice, I'm JÄTTENÖJD!
Amanda, thank you! It will be wonderful to wear it again and it will be with a new feeling with the heart and the butterfly
Thanks for the fast service and your delightful dedication, hope we will be heard again
Feel good
Hugs Maria Härnere from Småland

Now I've downloaded them, and they sat on my fingers about a minute after I had left the store's pickup point. That's PERFECTION. In terms of size, appearance and everything. I hadn't been able to fantasize better even. You are so damn good.
SO HAPPY. So insanely satisfied thus.

Hello Amanda!
I just want to thank you so awful lot for the quick delivery of the necklace. Am sooo incredibly happy that I could order a similar. I really love it.
Have a good
//Camilla Eriksson
Wow, what a fast delivery and so nice it is! Thanks please for the Nice service!
Sunny Greetings from Skåne!
You cooked my necklace in the spring and I have not yet thanked for it... Thanks a thousand! It has hung around the neck in principle daily since then, again 🙂 I'm thinking... And it must start to get six, seven years ago I bought it, maybe more! Awesome 🙂
/Sincerely Cecilia Schulz

Hello Amanda!
Many thanks for fixing my favorite necklace, it really looks like new! And thanks for the beads, really nice with both! And it went sick fast!
From a crazy satisfied customer! ❤

Thank you thank you and again thank you for the wonderful bracelet! I'm in a phase of life where I need strength, my dad has gotten cancer and probably only summer left here. I want to carry with me the strength and the bracelet reminds me of having peace of mind – Shanti in Sanskrit and to nurture the soul – Atman. I want you to know that the bracelet will mean a lot to me now.
Thank you wonderful you for a beautiful craftsmanship.
Veronica Morin

Thank you please!
The bracelet was really nice!
All good and thanks for great customer service,
But oops what quickly worked 🙂 what service!! Thanks a thousand!
Have a nice weekend!

Hi Amanda,
Got the necklace today! It's super fast and I'm incredibly grateful for your help and tremendous service.
Hope that the partner appreciates it as much when she gets it! 🙂
Hope you get a really fab weekend!
Sincerely Anton

The bracelet came last week and VA wonderful to be able to use it again! How do I maintain/clean it in the best way ahead?
Greetings Elenor
I have today received SMS on this piece of jewellery and will pick it up today on my way home from work. But I just wanted to say that I thank you for being so quick to get this. I ordered on Monday and have already received the jewellery. Superb 🙂
Now it's a bit tough to have to wait until 16 May before my partner gets to see this jewelry... But you can't get it all at once.
With the hope of a nice and beautiful weekend!
Greetings Danne

Oh What good the necklace was, I'm super happy!
Even the children are impressed by their names.
The bill is paid tonight!
Have a good way!
Hugs Jessica

Warmest tribute to you for amazingly made jewelry that adorns my neck.
My darling bought a necklace from you that gilded my birthday.
I wear it with pride. Class style and Finesse is my summary of your jewelry!
Wishing you a great weekend!
Sincerely, Malin Pelle Land Ström's partner

Thank you thank you and again thank you for the wonderful bracelet! I'm in a phase of life where I need strength, my dad has gotten cancer and probably only summer left here. I want to carry with me the strength and the bracelet reminds me of having peace of mind – Shanti in Sanskrit and to nurture the soul – Atman. I want you to know that the bracelet will mean a lot to me now.
Thank you wonderful you for a beautiful craftsmanship.
Veronica M

I bought a wonderful necklace that I have had now for several years.
Wonderful text on the front and back and a very nice link around the neck.
It doesn't get any better than this 🙂
Great customer service and lots of nice to choose from ♥ thanks please you!
/Terry G

The bracelet was really nice!
All good and thanks for great customer service,

But oops what quickly worked 🙂 what service!!
Thanks a thousand! Have a nice weekend! Tove

Hello Amanda!
Tusen tack för mitt nya halsband! Det var jättevackert! En patient kommenterade det och det kändes så roligt att det syns och uppmärksammas av andra <3
Thanks again and I will return with wishes to come ang my restsumma that is with you!

Warmest tribute to you for amazingly made jewelry that adorns my neck.
My darling bought a necklace from you that gilded my birthday.
I wear it with pride
Class style and Finesse is my summary of your jewelry!
Wishing you a great weekend!
Sincerely Malin, Pelle L's partner

Oh What good the necklace was, I'm super happy!
Even the children are impressed by their names!
Best Amanda!
Just have to write and thank again for the incredibly beautiful bracelet that you made for my partner. I knew it was beautiful but it was incredibly much prettier in reality. He was completely taken and very pleasantly surprised. He took it directly on it and has glanced at it yes I do not know how many times, it did absolutely our tonight memorable, thanks again

Big hug//Anna Ohlsson

A couple of months ago I ordered a necklace for myself.
This necklace I have only had to try with closed eyes to check as the length sued. It was a wedding gift from my husband when we got married yesterday. ? You may think that I have longed to see it and wear it. What I want to say with this Svamliga mail is that I absolutely love my necklace and therefore I want to thank you for having done it just as I wanted it. In addition, the exclusive box was real A dot over I.
Thanks Amanda!
Sincerely Louise
Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to announce that I got back my jewellery today. It was absolutely perfect! Exactly as I wanted it and super nice. Thank you for your pleasant reception and fast service. Happy 1: th of May!

Ok thanks for your attention! I have a dark purple that I chose for her, but she wanted silver! She got it for 50 years present!! She was super happy!!! She also got a Louis Vuitton bag but became happier for the necklace! Thanks again hugs/Claudia
The bracelet came today! Don't love!

Oh! What a pleasant evening surprise after having natted over-tired children in an hour! Thanks please! Get to buy a three of a kind ticket tomorrow and see if the tour lasts...;-). Once again, thank you for your personal and professional treatment. Look forward to my nice bracelet!

Hello Amanda

I think it is still the case that I'm not "for real" thanked for the necklace that I got to give to my daughter Elin (have just thought... Not done). She is happy and proud of her "diabetic necklace". It is experienced by all of us as a small security also if something were to happen. Since Elin is not someone wearing jewellery at all, I am very happy that she wears this. The little heart we really appreciated and made the feeling even bigger.

A big thank you and a wish to you for a nice and peaceful Christmas! Greetings
Birgitta A

Thank you best Amanda for my wonderfully nice necklace!?? Love it as a long necklace! (It also makes the family's recent addition Isabella who is more than happy to pill with it??.) I am so happy, satisfied and grateful!!! ?? Have tagged you on my Insta, hope it gives you some new customer... Found you mååånga years ago via Cecilia Blanks Mama-Blog. Then when she got herself a necklace from the very beginning. Ordered mine when the first daughter came to the world for just over 3 then.

Sincerely & Merry Christmas Malin Ros Eastwood

Then the money is on the way... And the man in my life gets a very special Christmas gift. I like a lot of eternity symbol jewelry you do now too. For it has been a bit so in our life... Life goes in circles and waves... We found back to each other, from teenage love and friendship where else came in between, but now is our time and on our wedding rings we have wavy lines and we got married on "Our beach" 080808..... Many Circles and eternity symbols in that date. So the text on the cufflinks, "all I ever wanted" could not have been more appropriate. Thank you Amanda

Hello Amanda!

Just thought to hear from me and tell you that the husband utterly loved this year's father's Day gift that was cuff-buttons with the children's name on from you! He appointed them the best Father's Day gift ever and has proudly worn them several times already 🙂

Hope you had a lovely first advent!

Hello Amanda

I picked out the epilepsy bracelet for my 3 year old daughter today, it suited perfectly! She really liked it and has had it all day.
Thanks for the help!

Mari h

Hi I just want to thank you for repairing and trimming my bracelet. It was really nice. Greetings, Gun Jansson
Hi Amanda, my wife fills 40 today and when she woke up she got the necklace from our daughters as a gift, she was overjoyed:

Thanks for your help
Sincerely? Niclas V

Thanks!! JÄTTENÖJD customer is guaranteed!! 🙂/Emma

Many thanks for everything!
The jewellery looks completely new 🙂 I am incredibly satisfied!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks again!!

Hello Amanda!
What happy I am for my nice necklace with all my five around the neck! Thank you for making it so nice!
It was good to have a long chain, so now I feel so happy! Happy Holidays!
Carina F

Hi! At Mothers day I got a wonderful necklace of my daughter (which her grandmother had helped her to order with you). Just wanted to tell you that I love them and wear them every day. All mothers should have a necklace like that! I have with me both my children right next to the heart wherever I go! Thousand thousand Thanks for the wonderful jewelry you make!!! I will come back to you and order a wonderful necklace for my mom
Sincerely Angelica

You are absolutely fantastic! Thanks!
I'm paying now!
Will recommend you to everyone I know!!!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Warmest greetings

What a GREAT person you are 🙂
Now I jump straight into Facebook and LIKE 🙂
Happy Summer!

Hello Amanda!
Excuse me that I have not heard from me, has been at the fair in GBG and completely cut off from reality:) Thanks!? Your necklace is absolutely amazing, so beautiful. Feels like you want it even.... It shines so beautiful, can read on on your website how to get the jewelry to shine so!
Hope we get the chance to be seen at some other time, I have the roads past, I promise to come and visit in your shop. Have a good and thank you again!
Hugs Bärbel:)

Hi Amanda,
The delivery slip had slipped underneath our mailbox. So I got it and was able to pick up the necklace. I Love it – thanks a thousand!

Look what I found in my Outbox not sent away-Jo this email-🙂

Hello and thanks for the jewel that came now-and thanks for the extra chain!!!!
It will be really nice and I will now wear this necklace as good as always. Is a bit hungry for alternative charms now but it needs the economy to get together before I hear from me again 🙂

I have received many approving comments and I have posted pictures of the jewelry with links to your website on on FaceBook.
Thanks for the fast shop-you're lightning fast once the order comes in, nice in your contacts with me both before and during the ongoing business and nice solution to the "problem" that arose-things remember and recommends further
Big hug

I picked out my long awaited jewelry yesterday
And just want to say that it was very nice, I'm JÄTTENÖJD!
Have a nice weekend//Helena

Hey Amanda!!
Just want to tell you that my son was really happy for the cufflinks!!! Super!
Thank you for professional and personalized service.
Greetings, Katarina.
Just want to thank you for the really nice cross you did to us! So nice it was! Super fast delivery o so nicely wrapped;)
Mom was really happy when she got it yesterday on her 50 birthday, with all the children's names o husband's where back on the little heart you tweaked Oxå!
You are worth all the praise!!!
Matilda N

Hi Amanda,
Thank you for making my husband's jewellery and sending it last week even though you would be free! Thanks!
The jewellery was much appreciated!
Big hug
Eva-Marie (Ebba, Elin and Wilma)

Jeg wanted bare takk for a few funny fine manchettknapper as Jeg mottok fra dere her a day. They were Virkelig raft og jeg ble a emosjonell reaches Jeg so them.. They peel være part of a 40 year gave til my Mann, og navnene on manchettkanppene er navnene on our to Nydelige Sonner. Jeg Håper OG believes he will be Svært fornøyd with Gaven. 🙂
Og hjertelig thank Inn for at Dere put verdien on inclusive til kun 60 SEK og x of for at it was a gave. It put Jeg great price on.
Jeg comes to anbefale dere til venner og bekjente, og Jeg will definitely til the bestiller of dere wood neste reason.
Big Hilsen fra
Stina Wiggen

Hello Amanda
Jeg got never written TAK for the fine Halskæde with Hjerterne with mine børns navne (Sophia, Sebastian og Smilla). It arrived nicely in its fine Æske og has hængt of the neck my silk og jeg is SO happy for it og the blivers of the same. It means Rigtig meget for me, da It is with til at Holde mine børn tæt at MIT Hjerte. We mistede would be little Smilla in Sommer – Hun døde in my mave og that means so meget for me, at have et hjerte about the neck with hendes Navn on the velvet with mine to Andre Børns Navne. So Tusind Tak for dine smukke smykker!
Beds Hilsner
Lisa K

Good Morning Amanda!
Yesterday I was fetching my package that came from you. Just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! The necklace and earrings are the most beautiful I have ever worn! My sons were also really excited! My youngest son Anton 4år said: ² Oh Mom! Now we are close to you even when we are with Dad! ² just so it feels. Now I can carry with me my children even during that week I am not allowed to have them with me. Having shared custody of two amazing princes can feel unbearable at times. Your beautiful craftsmanship makes it a little easier! Heartfelt thanks!

Have a continued good day!
Best regards

God, how pleased I am! Thanks a thousand! So nice!!!
Tina S

Finally whole again
Finally I have been supplemented by my name-necklace from Amanda Egilson. Now I have both children with date of birth around my neck. Now I feel whole! (The whole thing is gifts from my wonderful partner to equal children's father).
Thinking of supplementing with some hanging beads.

Just wanted to hear from me and thank you for the incredibly fast delivery. It was very successful and the necklace is very popular 🙂
Keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Mathias
Dear Amanda,

Got my wonderful necklace with the post today. So nice.
I was just moved.
I took it on me right away, I felt so right!
I love it!
I definitely don't want to take it out of me!
Thanks! Thousand thousand Thanks for your help.

Now I have picked out my beautiful jewelry, really nice done, is super happy! Feels solid and luxurious when there is a little weight in it. Now I'm waiting for the invoice that would come on the email.. Thought it could be fun to know:))
Sincerely, Isa

Hello Amanda.
Today ping it to the mobile and an AVI came about that a package had arrived. I packed the children together and went away. With butterflies in my stomach I pulled out.... A clothing package. Disappointing but it had only gone a week. The waiting.....
I went to the children's preschool for the summer closing party. Once back home with the belly full of cake I would take in the post and then lay it there, the AVI with your name. Was just to pack the children and also the man this time in the car and go to the store. Now sits the ring there, perfect! Happiness is complete. So amazingly I! Thousand, thousands and thousands of thanks for all your help and for STT you are there and brightens people's life with your jewelry.
Petra Cedergren

A thousand thanks for the wonderful necklace that came to the post yesterday! So luxurious and nicely packaged it was, it was the icing on the touch!
The necklace is even finer than I imagined, is so happy for it! Feels great to carry with me Milos name and importance:
Hopefully I can come back in a few years with the addition of new rod:
Many kind regards!

Hello Amanda!
Is so happy! What a terrific service. 🙂
The name badge with Hugo came today and
The gift was so appreciated!
Thanks again for everything.
Happy Holidays!

Thank you wonderful Amanda! Where your passion and talent meet man's needs there lies your calling! Mine is now on your jewelry and you have obviously found your also 😉 bunch of hugs! Jenny
Hi! Today I downloaded my jewelry! I think it's so wonderfully nice! Will be used daily!! Maybe eventually I will return if I want to renew/change/add something!! Thank you for such a nice piece of jewellery!
Sincerely, Jenny S

Thanks for the nice pendant!
Just have to give you praise for the really nice and neat package. The box that the pendant was in felt very luxurious and professional. It was like the icing on the icing That little extra that makes it so special. If I get what I wish for in Mothers Day gift, I will soon return again with a new order.
Have a good day!
Cecilia 🙂

Hello Amanda 🙂
Thank you very much 🙂
You don't have to call, I think you know how my necklace looks! And that I got to it in the order 😉 I was a bit uncertain 🙂
Should it be something, you can only call 🙂
Will be SÅÅÅÅÅÅ HAPPY when the completion of the necklace is finished 🙂 JUST love the necklace and so many who have komenterat my necklace about how fine it is 🙂 which it is 😉 and so personal 🙂
Later on, I will order angels from you! So incredibly nice!!!
Lots of hugs and have a wonderful continued weekend
Lisa & Co 🙂

THANK YOU wonderful man?? Just downloaded it in the mail and it's really nice! The small carton with the paper until really nice, will recommend you to everyone I know.

What kind you are! Would very much like to come and look how you make your amazing jewelry but unfortunately I have to work a lot all next week. Is very impressed and very grateful how incredibly well and personally you meet your customers. Very unique and incredibly appreciated!
I hope you get a continued nice weekend and we will be heard for sure soon again!

Wanted bare sende a mail og si thousand takk for the raft smykket (stylish necklace with slim name badge) Jeg won for a few Måneder pages. Jeg has navnet til the three Barna mine on Smykket, og it is kjempe swanky! Have been veldig happy in Smykket og uses the ofte.
Yesterday Hadde Jeg it on Barelgruppe, og da became there a "Snakis" that resulterte in at Alle Jentene won web address din. Today Skjedde the same on PÅSKELUNSJ in Barnehagen. Think you get mange new Norwegian customers:-)
A thousand Takk for the Vakre smykket you team til meg, jeg use it with pride!
Camilla Heimdal

Hello and MANY THANKS!
Must admit that I was nervous before I got my beloved piece of jewelry. I felt a little like buying the pig in a poke, because you do not exactly know how they become with size o colors. But I was so happy, great fun. Have looked at this piece of jewellery for 2 years now since I saw it in a magazine. They are so personal o means so much to me. Perfect to be able to vary with catkins and chain! Now I turned to and ordered the 30 year gift of my little family, so I long until I fill and can start using it for real!!! Thanks again! (Only a little pity that the pink pearl was not more pink, but it was in the ad so I was prepared)

Hello Amanda!
Have got my jewelry at the end of last week and the tiles are so fine, exactly as I had imagined. For several years I had planned to order a piece of jewellery from you and now that little sister has finally come to us it was time. And it was exactly as I had imagined. Am so glad I chose just the narrow name tags, thank you very cordially. But unfortunately, the tough box link (which I still think is the finest of the 3 chains) is way too tough for my style and also I chose the 50 cm chain and now realize that 45 cm would fit much better. How do I do if I want to change the box link to Kulkedjan which is also a bit shorter?

Thanks please once again, it is noticeable that there is a lot of love behind each engraved letter. You can not ask for more. I'm celebrating the year on Thursday and I couldn't want to get a better gift.

Just want to say that the chain was perfectly perfect!
The husband is very happy and it hangs around his neck every day (with our girls ' names on the trays).
Thanks again for the good service.
Feel so good and enjoy the spring.

Today finally came the necklace (on the birthday and everything) and it was really super nice. Thanks! I will wear it with pleasure.
//Maria F

Hi Amanda,
Just want to mean that both bracelets have come to the RESP woman (in my life).
Both are very satisfied with the trimming and the new name tray (+ heart).
Now I hope that only one to the child makes me buy something new (read name tag) to these bracelets.
Next time, there may be something from any of your other products. Thank you for your help and service.
Please, TommyÖ

Hello Amanda!
Thanks Sååååå.... Much for the nice name very (FABER) I ordered. It's a gift for my girl whose cat is called FABER, and is her eye, so it's meant as a "Valentine's Day Gift", it's going to be appreciated was so sure.
Thank you once again, I promise to spread the info about you and your fine jewelry to all my friends.
Now have a nice weekend and Valentine's Day you too!
Hugs from Lena/Lena W

Hello Amanda!
Thank you for arranging my beautiful jewellery! How did you do? I tried myself with silver polish but it did not go at all? If you have ngt tips to share with you, I will gladly receive it so that I can maintain the nice condition of the necklace.
Again, a thousand thanks for fixing the necklace!
Sincerely, Maria

Hi Amanda,
I received today the jewellery. Thank you very much, it's really nice. We are very satisfied and my husband will wear it with pride. We will of course recommend you to everyone we know after fantastic service and a Urvackert jewelry!
Thank you once again!
SINCEREly Manda's

Hi Amanda,
Now my jewelry has come up to me, I was happy again as of the summer:-))
You are really good at your work, you should know. Thank you very much for your honesty and that you added down work to do about it. Thanks for the nice card too!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
P.S. I will return securely as a customer in the future, when it becomes DAX for something special, to me or any other d. s
Warm greetings//Amra

You have an eye on things!
Looking forward to getting the beautiful jewelry but a ring that is 1.1 mm thick, if possible in good time before Christmas (my wife fills the year the 18th and the jewellery works as good as birthday present).
Many thanks for the very good service and not least a very nice reception. Glad will recommend you to others.
Greetings Ted
Just have to write and say that the necklace to my partner is really nice! My big guy grew at least a few centimeters of pride when he saw that dad would get a necklace with his name on Sunday, and also a pick which is perfect because "Daddy said he should learn to play on his guitar!" as Olle said.
Sincerely Camilla

Just wanted to send an email and thank so much for the fantastic service that you have. I am jättenöjd with the jewellery and that you took into account that I needed the jewelry so fast. Many thanks, should really recommend you to friends!
Have a nice Tuesday!
Warm Greetings Emma R

Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to thank awful lot for my nice necklace! I am JÄTTENÖJD. I would also like to thank you for the excellent service you have given me, both now and at my first contact with you 2007! Thanks a thousand! Please contact me if you want to use me in Recensionssammanhang or if I can help you here in Karlstad. Um, I do not know, but anything!
Best regards Elin

Hello Amanda!
Warm thanks for the quick delivery of the nice necklaces. My big girls have already put on them, we are very pleased!
Greetings Johanna

Hi Amanda,
Soon you'll start sending Christmas cards to me – I'm soon one of your best customers 😉
This is such a funny story that I just have to tell it.
Now I just bestält the same bracelet for the third time (see Mail Korr. below) to my wife.
The bracelet I Bestälde last time (my second) I sent to my mother for not having to send it to Oslo. When my mother gets the package, she thought it was to her (IOM that it comes in those days she Fylde 70 years). She opens the package and finds the bracelet with her son and grandson's name and thinks is really nice! When she then calls me and tells me that the package has come and thanks for the nice birthday gift, I do not have the heart to tell me that it was to my wife (so my mother had to keep the bracelet – to my wife's big Glädge, only I order her a new one).
So, therefore, I now bestält the same bracelet again (hopefully the last time for this bracelet).
Greetings, Tommy Island


Hi Amanda,
Just want to thank you for a few nice cufflinks as you did to my husband: O)
The delivery came in time and the quality was high. Thanks for a positive experience and beautiful jewelry.

This weekend I was and met the work of Ester. Little darling with the probe hose fasttejpad on the little cheek ate up my heart with spoon and fork. Sweet and Adorable! I soon put up pictures of my FB.

Anyway, I had a very nice necklace to hand over and guess if it was a success!!!??? Matilda flew on my neck before she even opened the carton, it was enough that she saw your logotype 🙂 when she then saw the necklace, she became very much of joy and threw herself about the neck of me again. "I can even see what it says!" she said! Guess if it overflowed in the tear channel then?? I hung her on it and the chain was perfect. Amanda, if you could only understand what joy this spread and what it meant. It makes you safe but it feels like I can't describe it with words. Your jewelry is just gorgeous.

When we came home to Mölle in Gårkväll I checked FB and found there a photo of the jewelery and the cardboard that Matilda put up among their photos on Ester. The comments are there too and I can say that they are very positive. Type "God what a wonderful piece of jewelry, HAAAAA" 🙂 you and your idea owns! Good job!

Hug and again, a thousand thanks!
Hello, thank you for asking! A dash of thought becomes much more beautiful than just a gap. So then the text will be: Tove and Alva – my forever I appreciate that you are so caring and take your time with me. The payment went well in the end, the money should get into the account tomorrow. Lääängtar after the ring.... Have it so good,
Kind regards Annkatrin.
Hi! I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the necklace I ordered from you for about 1 month ago.
I really love my necklace! Jewellery is nothing I usually wish for. It's not really my thing... But when I saw this wonderful necklace in an ad in a parent magazine, I felt THIS was something I very much wanted. It was my birthday present from my husband and my sons. So now I always carry my two boys, Tobias & Frederick, Wherever I go...

Thank you for a wonderful piece of jewellery!

Sincerely Malin B
Hello again
Thousand thousand Thanks for all the wonderful trays, sooo nice!
They will I really sign up with now so you get lots of new orders. Have it so good o thanks again for all the inconvenience.
Sincerely, Marie K

Just came home after a VERY long day and found your bracelet in my mailbox. You should know, Amanda, that I I shuddered from the toes of joy. It even came with a tear of appreciation...
When you work as hard as I do, you don't have time to reflect or care about commercial things... For it does not count and the energy that I have is required for everyone else to be involved in one way or another. Getting noticed by you in this way made my day, my week and probably my month and year...
You are so amazingly caring and I am so extremely happy that I have met you.
Lots of hugs and big, big thanks... It sits on my arm and will sit there for long future...
Hug again/Zarah

I've got the jewellery now and they're really nice! The necklace is really nice, a gift for my husband. The ring sits just enough "loose" that I like and fits perfectly! Thank you very much for all the help and friendly treatment despite the hassles of size.
Professionally good service spread about rings on the water..../
Christina N

Just want to say that I am jättenöjd with my nice bracelet you made. Feels great with the tiles with the children's name on. My sister liked Dops much to her daughter as well. Are you going to join the children's fair and exhibit?
Thank you once again!
Greetings Eva W

Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to write and say that I got the ring in the mail today, and it sits the top!
Many thanks for all the help and super friendly reception!
Greetings Linda G

Hello Amanda
My wife got a name much like you did for 30 years present this weekend. She thought it was really neat with lower case and also the length of the chain was perfect. In other words, it was a kjempesuksess!
Thanks for the help! /

Amanda, I want to thank you for great service and fast delivery!
Super cute that you fixed to my necklace – thank you!
I aterkommer with more orders.
Sincerely, Eva E

Hi Amanda,
Just wanted to thank for the absolutely wonderful name I got today, is full-satisfied.
You are really talented.
Sincerely/Cecilia N

Hi! Just want to thank.
In July my jewellery became clear with 2 Swedish names on one side and 2 Korean in Hangul on others.
My son wants me to have it often. I'm sooo nice!
Thanks! HÄLSN Helene B

The jewellery that I bought from you, to give to our little granddaughter Lea, in the baptism gift was much appreciated, it was really nice. It came up in time as well.
Greetings Mona L
Hi! I got the bracelet yesterday, it was really super nice! Thanks!
Sincerely Linda

Hello Amanda!
Warm thank you for prioritizing the cufflinks that I ordered for my husband tomorrow gift! It was really nice and he was SO HAPPY!!! They are his new favorites!!! Thousand thousand Thanks and I will recommend you and your jewelry to everyone I know!
Hugs, Anna T (FD G)

Hello Amanda!
Got the bracelet yesterday at the Post office! A THOUSAND THANKS for the changes you have made to the bracelet! It looks almost completely new. The new stones are really delicious! Have already received several comments about it and many believe that it is a new bracelet. Do you come up with some news before the fair 2010? To your fair next time I'll probably be sure to know my ring size. Suktar still after the wide silver ring, so delicious. Thank you for helping me!
Hugs Ulrika

Hello Amanda!
Just want to announce that the bracelets were very appreciated! Thank you and have it so good!
Has now received a very beautiful jewelry. (Blades with three names, one on the back. "MILLE" "EMILIO" "CHRISTINE") Thank you for that. What fine boxes and gift wrapping paper you have now! Everything looked very tasteful, very nice!
Sincerely/Karolina F

Hello Amanda.
I thank you for the fine jewellery that fits perfectly and the washer for my husband was also good. The right size. Thanks again I'm JÄTTENÖJD!!!
Christina in Mora

Just want to say that we are very pleased with the name tags, they are really nice and just right size. Thanks!
Sincerely Veronika
Hello again!
Now the buttons have arrived (here a day). They are fantastically nice and stylish. So now we just hope that the son will be satisfied. A thousand thanks for that, hoping for the opportunity to get back.
Best regards Birgitta

Hi Amanda, I came home after a weekend in the country-and there is the letter with the nice bracelet turned on me! Thank you very much-it's perfect because we're going to dopfest next weekend and the bracelet would be a gift for the mother.

Have a good autumn you too-we will not be heard later than the beginning of 2010 because I'm waiting my second child and it is obvious yes should need a piece of jewelry with the name of the baby on!!! Thanks again and hugs from Germany,

Hi Amanda, the necklace appeared in the mail box the day before yesterday and was so incredibly beautiful! Thank you very much... Will be absolutely wonderful to be able to give it to Emma when she fills 1year and think when she gets bigger and can have it on her... A fantastisdk feeling.
Thank you very much for an incredible job. Will recommend you warmly, and hire you again eventually. Have a nice autumn and winter!
Hugs Mia

I bought for a pärlpar now a couple of weeks ago to a bracelet that I previously bought, thanks for the quick delivery! I only had one small question; You made the bracelet so shiny again, it was like new when I got it back! How did this magic? Do you use silver polish or is there any solution you dip it in or laser, have I also heard that you can make pure jewelry with somehow? The reason I ask is that I think it would be fun if you myself from time to time could freshen up to it then silverglansen slowed down. Have a good time!
Ulrika B

Hi, we have today received the beautiful bracelet and it is absolutely perfect! Many thanks for a nice job and we look forward to ordering more jewelry in due course!
Best regards, Camilla
What good thanks for your help and a very good service!
Will heartily recommend your jewelry for loved ones. I have made the order and send the bracelet this week.
Greetings Johanna

Just have to say that you make incredibly nice necklaces. I'm super happy. Thanks
Very friendly staff.

Hello Amanda!
Many thanks for making the necklace clear even though you have a lot to do. It was really nice!
Sincerely Kim
Thanks for the fast production and delivery!
It will people around me get to know when they admire my beautiful jewelery.
Have a lovely late summer! /Emma

Wonderful things you do, fun that it goes well. I wonder who has made your website, like it sharply?
Heartfelt Greetings Robin

Hello Amanda!
I just want to thank you so much because you were so flexible and got ready my order in such a short time. The cufflinks were much appreciated and the two small donors (the children) were very proud!
Cheers for good service!
I wish you a peachy summer and good luck in the future!

Hello Amanda!
Just want to thank so much for a quick delivery and a nice reception on the phone when I ordered the necklace. The necklace damp down in the mailbox the day before the birthday, and it was very appreciated..... but I knew juJ.
Have a nice holiday
Sincerely Thomas J

I got my jewelry yesterday and just want to tell me how happy I am about it. I didn't think it would come before the weekend so it was a positive surprise and appropriate because we have wedding day on Sunday. It's really beautiful! I have also already received comments that it is very neat:-).
Thank you and Happy Midsummer wishes Anna

We want to thank you very much both for the Nice name badge and for that you were so quick to deliver it! It is really nice and we know that Kalle will like it!
Sincerely/Victoria & Pär in Luleå

Hello Amanda! Would like to thank you for the great service when you fixed the necklace to my niece Anna Maria Jennie! She was super happy! And the jewellery came up to Uddevalla in time!
Thanks please cute you for all the help! Have a great summer!
Greetings and hugs from Catta

Hello Amanda!
Thank you for your help! What a fast and professional service! The necklace is really nice and I'm so happy after the change! It was a perfect mothers day gift, it will hang around my neck often and I am so proud to be able to carry all my children with me and show off to everyone.
Have a nice summer!
Greetings Susanne G

Hi Amanda,
Just wanted to hear from me to tell you how nice we think the jewellery is. The gift to the little sister will be perfect.
Greetings Christopher B

Hi Amanda,
Big, big thank you for prioritizing and hanning with my order before the Mothers day, I was so happy when I looked in the mailbox yesterday and found a delivery from you.
Also wish you a really nice and lovely summer.
Again many thanks.
Greetings Therese M


Hi Amanda today got my necklace that I have ordered (necklace with shaped name tray and cute pendants).
Just want to say giant thanks for an incredibly fine piece of jewelry. This I'll wear evenly. Really appreciate your work.
Working at an authority with a lot of girls so I hope I can insperera more to buy your jewelry.
Heartfelt thanks once again.
Greetings Anna S

Yes, it's clear I'm picky 😉 that's why I ordered jewelry with you and not with someone else.
I've seen how your jewelry looks live and showed that I wouldn't be disappointed.
Have a great summer you too.

Now I have got my jewelry and it was really nice, I think, has already received several comments so I have hopefully raggat some new customers to you 😉
Have a great time, now we'll out and cycle the whole gang (not Albert, he gets to soft in the wagon)
Hugs & Health The whole family/Louise
Has now got my necklace and is very happy with it! It's really nice and I have it already on me!
Thank you so much for your help and for you were so service-oriented!

Hi! Thanks for the nice turquoise Pearl 😉 Now I am more than satisfied!

Hi Amanda I would like to thank so much for the beautiful jewelry I won from you at the children's Fair in Gothenburg. I was thrilled when I got my package with the necklace home and when I opened it and you had written that I won the prize draw at the show, I was very surprised and wondering about what I won. Had to go into your website at once and saw there that I actually won the jewel. Absolutely amazing, I had missed that you had a raffle where you raffled the jewellery you ordered. Double surprise, with first getting such a beautiful piece of jewelry and then to also win it.
I have had on my necklace every day and received many positive comments.
Thank you once again for my neck jewelry!
Best regards
Rina E

Thanks so much for the really nice necklace you have made to me 🙂
What good you are!
Have a nice weekend!
Sincerely Jennifer H

Hello Amanda!
I've finally got the necklace and I just want to say that I think it's really nice, super happy! I think the back was really good, thanks for the idea!
Hugs Camilla S
Hello Amanda and a thousand thanks for the incredibly beautiful jewelry I got! I have already used it and several have praised it. The kids love it and find it remarkable that their name is on it. Good luck with your business! /Lena W

Hello Amanda.
I talk to Annica. Just have to give you praise for your incredibly fine jewelry.
I wish you a nice weekend too.
Sincerely Dragana

Hei Amanda! Won Pakken in the post today, Takk for Utmerket service Roger

Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to write and say that we got the jewellery and that Christer is sooo satisfied! Was going to ask about barking out but I saw now in the last reply that you would send out new invoices so we wait for them.
Would like to take the opportunity to thank you for an incredibly nice reception. You are really a service person who is humble towards the customer and really wants to do everything to the best! We thank Ödmjukast for this.
Ev, we are interested in ordering a baptismal jewellery too but we will return ISF about this.

Many warm greetings
/Pia & Christer N

Thanks please you, really nice! Her husband was super happy 🙂//Helena
Thanks for a very fine jewellery and quick handling – got it in my post yesterday — Madeleine will like it, I am quite sure. We will be happy again as a customer!
Have a continued good day
Sincerely Gunilla A

Hey cute Amanda!
And thanks for the Urfina jewelry! Was sooo happy when I saw that it had come and even happier when I saw how beautiful it was! And if possible exuberant happy when I saw the extra charm! Thank you thank you thank you! =)
MOM will be really happy, I know.
A thousand thanks for the good service and an exquisite craftsmanship. Feel on me that I hear from me soon again... You must not forget yourself either! =)
Greetings Emma in Växjö

Hello Amanda!
Yesterday, my necklace came back with the post (you have changed a stone to one that is more pink). Just wanted to say that now I'm 100% satisfied. It was just like this that I had expected it to look like.
A thousand thanks for your help and your kindness.
You do an amazing job!!!
Sincerely Linda B
Hello Amanda!

Just wanted to say big thanks for that I got a new chain! I was very happy when I opened the Post office.
I love my jewelry and use it daily!
Sincerely, Linda G

Hi! Today I got the jewelry trays, really nice was SO SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Amanda! I want to thank so much for the nice necklace for my mom's 50 anniversary and the extremely fast delivery! I look forward to ordering more jewelry from you in the future!
A big thank you once again!

Hei, Jeg vil bare si thousand takk for the raft Smykket Jeg has received!
Well can jeg bære my sønns navn round the throat hver day!
Hilsen Alexandra

Has received the jewellery today as promised.
Thank you for the very professional attitude and punctuality regarding promised delivery time.
From a very satisfied kundJ

Hello Amanda!
Just want to announce that the package has arrived. Once again: a big thank you for the great service.
I am convinced that my sister will be happy!
// Elin

Ordered a name badge with the text SISTER before Christmas and now it has arrived! Superfine really! What good that it went so fast too, my sister will get such a nice exam present.
Thank you very much!!

Hello Amanda!
Have to thank you so incredibly much for the package I got at the post any week before Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, I was probably the world's happiest, with 3 days of newborn son in his arms and your wonderfully beautiful bracelet on the arm 🙂
If you don't remember me, I competed for a piece of jewelry on the Princess ' diary, I wanted one to myself because I'm apparently too big for Christmas gifts 😉 It's absolutely incredible what kind of people there are... Thank you thank you thank you!

You made me so happy and I LOVE my bracelet.
Many many hugs from me 🙂/
Maria S

Hello Amanda!
We are impressed! The necklace appeared in the mailbox on 23 Dec 🙂
Strongly worked. Thank you for your help!
Good continuation,/Markus

Hey, just wanted to thank you for you managed to get it off to me before CHRISTMAS..... THANKS, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
Hope you have a really merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Sincerely Andreas E

Thank you for an incredibly fast delivery, came home from Amsterdam late yesterday and saw the package.. 🙂 The jewellery was so amazingly nice. I am so eager to give away it wants it to VA Christmas Eve now. Thanks!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year....//Emillinn 😉

It came in the mail the same day, just as you said:-). It was absolutely perfect! Just as I had imagined. Thanks for all the help, fast and good service.
Sincerely Jessica

Hello Amanda.
Damn what you are good, it was really nice!
Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you.
Sincerely, Henrik

Just wanted to send a big thank you for the necklace that came yesterday. I'm jättenöjd with it, love it already, =) Soo Thank you very dearly o Merry Christmas O Happy New Year on you!
/Malin K

Hello Amanda!
Just wanted to thank for the jewelry! They are amazing! Very many have wondered how I got hold of them, so I'm already thinking about what the next order will be.
Thanks! /Sara E

Ohh, what nice cufflinks! Thanks! /

Thanks for all the help! Hope they are ok that I link to your page from my blog.
Just love your jewelry!
A thousand Thanks again!
M VH Evelina

"You are so cute so all my watches have Tvärstannat 😉
Thanks nice you for the jewel... I got pink glittertårar in my eyes!

Today came a new washer. Many thanks for the service, much appreciated! Will heartily recommend you to others!
Merry Christmas Good luck!
Sincerely Carolina

Hello Amanda!
Fast delivery and I noted the little gem – you have not only passed the silver forging course without the customer course as well. I put great value on your thoughtfulness.
Sincerely Anette
The bracelet came today! Thank you very much!
The best service you have 🙂

Hello Amanda!
Now I've got that necklace that I wanted!
Great location.
I think so much about it. 🙂
Many thanks also for the extra interchangeable charms!

Hello again! Yes, I got the necklace yesterday after I talked to you, funny:) I'm very happy with the necklace, so it will be a nice gift! The money should have kommmit in to you today so I hope they did it. Thanks for a nice piece of jewelry!
Sincerely, Nina H

Hello Amanda
I just wanted to thank so awfully much for the amazing neck chain that I got from you. You are sooo cute and so talented. It was a piece of jewelry entirely in my taste and I use it every day of course..
Thousand thanks
Hug Sanna

Today finally came my long awaited jewelry with the post and I just have to say that they are so amazingly nice! I had very high expectations after seeing everything nicely on your website, but they really matched all expectations.
Thanks a thousand! They will be worn often and long!
Sincerely, Karin H

Hello Amanda!
She was really happy for the necklace! She has wished for a similar necklace since we got our second child 18 months ago so I thought it was time now I searched for some different websites but stuck to the end for your crafts because I thought they were the finest, even if they were a bit more expensive than others.
Have a good! /Markus

Just have to say that I got my necklace in Fri and I love it, so nice!
Thanks please!

Heard from a friend of mine that she ordered necklaces with you and she was very satisfied and said that she got a REALLY nice treatment!
Happy Holidays!

Hi Amanda and a thousand thanks for the incredibly fast delivery and wonderful cufflinks that my husband will love!
Thanks again and on "Reunion". I'm sure!!
Sincerely Heléna's

Hello Amanda!
Saw that you launched your company in new name and new website! Want to start by saying congratulations and that the new page looks superfine!
You helped me last summer by making really nice cufflinks for my husband, who he wore during our wedding day.
When we as a thank you sent slideshows from the day to all our guests, it was with pictures of the cufflinks and those who did not notice them at the wedding saw them there and many reacted and thought they were amazing! Like us!
I sent you some pictures afterwards and you asked if you got to use them! I did not answer because I was unsure but if you would like to do it so just do it! WE have bought the rights to the pictures so it should be quite ok.
Just wanted to say it plus I want to wish you good luck further! It is very inspiring to follow young women who succeed in realising their dreams and starting their own.
We are expecting children now so when we know who comes out, I will definitely order a piece of jewelry with the child's name on! Long!
It was just what I wanted!
Have a good way!

Think your jewelry was super nice, fun to try a bit different to see which one fits best (did not get that I looked at before)!
Yes I knew you late before, or Yes, under the name jewelry. Was just about to go home, we wondered why we had not seen your booth and then hit the newspaper and saw that you changed the name...
Had the best before that we would just look but not shop ngt, but you made such a nice impression and was so helpful so ended with that both me and my friend best a separate necklace and walked away and was really happy!!!
Got your bet mail today so the money arrives during the week!!

The package came up as it would – what good-looking cufflinks are! 🙂

Hello Amanda! Just want to say that I got the name tags today and they fit perfectly, very neat!
Many thanks from a satisfied customer.
Sincerely Robert L

Hello and THANK YOU!
The jewellery came today, it was really nice, I'm jättenöjd.
Greetings Anne P

Hi Amanda,
Just want to say WHAT a nice website, really inspiring!
So much fun that it goes so well for your jewelry.
Rainy Greetings from Italy,
Hugs Mia E

Thanks!! I'm urglad for the nice "buttons"!
Really NICE!
Greetings Charlotte

Hello Amanda!
I bought some time ago a necklace where it says the world's best grandmother on, and I just wanted to thank you so awful lot!
She was really happy and started to cry!
Thank you so much for the nice design and for that you made Granny's 70 anniversary unforgettable!
Have a really good weekend!
Malin M

Thousand Takk for Smykkene! They are kjempefine!
Glder meg til gi them off 🙂
Have a nice weekend!

Hello again
Now I tried Silverdipp on it worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip and I'm soo happy with the necklace.
Best gift ever.
Thanks for the quick reply and that you are so accommodating.
Helen W

And thank you for a quick and good deal. I'm really super happy. I will definitely recommend you to my loved ones.
The elder, Emanuel, thinks anyway that it is strange that I have children around the legs all day want them around the neck also;-)
Maria in Hultsfred

Just want to thank you for your help and tell me that my daughter was so happy and satisfied for her present; O)
Have a good day Doris
Hope all is well with you.

Thank you so giant-really much for the nice necklace. Was really super happy last night.
Have it on me today and already received several compliments of my colleagues! Have referred to your home page.
Have a great nice day!
Bhavik Patel-L

Thank you so much, I call service!!
Sincerely Caroline

I ordered a bracelet of you as it says GRANDFATHER on..
And I just want to say that I'm so happy that I could get it so fast..
So grateful.. It was absolutely wonderful and I had the opportunity to have it at the funeral.
Thank you again, it meant a lot to me
I linked to you on my blog, hoping it was okay.
Please Elin Nyholm

Hello Amanda!
Yesterday I got my necklace in the mail.
Thank you for a wonderfully beautiful piece of jewellery-think very much about it. Thank you!

Hello Amanda
The tray came up on time and it was so FINE. I was really excited to see it and so was also the birthday child. I really want to thank you for the very best service and I will heartily recommend you to everyone I know.
Once again, a thousand thanks for your professional and warm action

Greetings Lotta