Picks cufflinks with Name

1,290.00 kr

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Picks cufflinks with engraving

Pickled cufflinks with engraving or any name are a pair of powerful personal cufflinks inspired by the music world's pick. The cufflinks are made by hand in genuine silver and the names are hammered in by hand, letter by letter. Grayvr cufflinks are a great gift for Him who already has it all but will still be very happy for them. A name, word or date is included on each button and for additional text 200 SEK/pc is added.

Choose whether you want the text centered on or along the right edge. The latter option fits well if the names are a little longer, i.e. more than 7 letters.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Size: 1, 5cm at height
Thickness: 2mm

How to make pure silver jewellery?

In the blog you can find many clever tips on How to clean your silver jewellery. And if you still do not succeed, you are welcome to send in your jewelry to me and I do it as "new". Contact me at amanda@namnsmycken.com


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