Elegance Namnstav

890.00 kr

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Elegance Namnstav

Elegance Namnstav is a long and slender stylish silver rod with the names of your darlings hand-hammered. The names are hammered into the end of each side, in the same way as you see in the picture. The thin fine Veneziakedjan runs through a loop at the end of the pole. There is room for name/text on 4 of the pages.

The price includes 1st Rod with 1 name and a chain in silver 50cm. For additional names, words or dates will be added 150kr/St.

Name placement on the name tag:

You can also email me at amanda@namnsmycken.com in connection with your order if you have other requests regarding the location of the names.

Symbolstämpel on your name necklace?

If you want a symbolstämpel (heart or Star) after the name, type this in the box for name: Tex Amanda "Heart".

Dimensions: 5cm x 3mm
Material: Sterling Silver

There is also another stronger rod, which is very popular, it is this; Namnstav Bricks.

How to make pure silver jewellery?

In the blog you can find many clever tips on How to clean your silver jewellery. And if you still do not succeed, you are welcome to send in your jewelry to me and I do it as "new". Contact me at amanda@namnsmycken.com