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Personal name necklaces

All my necklaces with names are created by hand because it evokes a feeling that is very hard to beat. A personalised piece of jewellery is among the most beautiful things you can wear. Among my personalised name necklaces you will find many different models and my hope is that you will find a piece of jewellery that you will want to carry with you wherever you go.

Name necklace

There are also dophals bands and necklaces for men, but it is also possible to create a jewelry with its own print. The most common is a handprint from your child, but a paw print of your four-legged fur blade is just as good.

Necklace with name and necklace with own imprint

Send me a photo of your child's prints and I'll immortalize it on a tray of real silver. The same applies if you have a handsome head foot or a paw print. It's enough that you send a photo to get the world's finest and most personal name necklace!