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Personal Mother's Day gift

A necklace as a gift on Mother's Day

Looking for a Mother's Day gift? Mother's Day always falls on the last Sunday in May. I'll help you if you're struggling to figure out how to woo Her with a capital H. Your own mother, the woman in your life and/or the mother of your children. The feeling you want to give is love, appreciation and care. Let me help you celebrate your amazing mother on Mother's Day with something lasting, a personal piece of jewellery that will make mum's heart beat a little warmer. Imagine giving mom a name jewellery with the children's or grandchildren's names. She will be so happy!

Presents and gift ideas for Mother's Day

What should I buy for my mother? Here you can get gift ideas and find many personal, beautiful and unique Mother's Day gifts. I have selected unique and personal gifts that will definitely be appreciated. You're sure to find a great gift so scroll down and discover my name jewellery. Perfect of course as a birthday gift too. You can read more about this important day and get more inspiration here ==>

Stylish jewellery as a Mother's Day gift

This stylish personalised jewellery for mum on Mother's Day will be her favourite necklace of all categories. Wearing the beautiful warm words mother, grandmother, grandmother, mother-in-law or whatever combination suits your beloved mother is the sweetest gift you can give. I'll hammer in the words to make your Mother's Day gift the most memorable ever.

Mother's Day is an important day for many and we can choose to celebrate both our own mothers or our partner's mother. Surprise your children's mother with a personalised piece of jewellery, such as a Love Name necklace, and I promise you'll be in the black!

Mother's Day gift for wife

When you choose to buy a personalised piece of jewellery for your wife on Mother's Day, you will be making a successful purchase. She's not your mother, of course, but she is the mother of your children, so she deserves something beautiful to show your appreciation. A Love Name necklace with a beautiful heart of gold will melt her heart. Then let me engrave your children's names on the badge, which is real silver, and she will be very happy and will thank you with a thousand kisses and hugs. If the children can read, they will enjoy reading her necklace, over and over again, and feel a sense of belonging and love.

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    Mother's Day gift for pregnant

    Hasn't the baby popped out yet? That's okay, it's on its way! She may already feel like a mother even though the baby is still inside. Buy a name necklace but WITHOUT the text, so I can hammer it in afterwards, when the baby is born and the name is set. It's smart, win-win. You do this by entering the word "BLANK" or "NONE" or for example "NAME NOT YET ORDERED" when you place your order in the online shop.

    Mother's Day gift for Grandma & Mother's Day gift for Grandma

    Being a grandmother is great, it's the dessert of a lifetime, so the saying goes. A grandmother gets to enjoy the best and can spoil her children as much as she likes. A grandmother or granddaughter can give the grandchild extra time, something that parents may not really have time for in the most chaotic toddler years. That's when a grandmother and a great-grandmother are the best thing you can have. This jewellery is super nice. It reminds her that she's important.


Mother's Day gift - personalised jewellery

Another great gift for Mother's Day is a personalised piece of jewellery with the grandchildren's name in a distinctive place. At Coin Parade mother may wear her grandchildren and her children on the same name necklace. The grandchildren on the front and the children on the back, closest to her heart. This jewellery is really popular, preferably in a rather long chain if the jewellery contains many coins in a row, as in this picture.

Corner parade

Montecarlo Masterpiece

Mother's Day - gift from the child

Thinking about how to surprise your wife on Mother's Day? Let the gift be a present from the kids! Choose a piece of jewellery with the children's names engraved on it and let them give it to their mother. I promise you will be on the plus side after that too. A name jewellery, a name necklace or a name bracelet is a guaranteed appreciated gift. Here are some tips on really great gifts for mum. You can also have it wrapped and ready, all to make your mum really happy on Mother's Day!

Own imprint

Own imprint

A really good gift

Here you can see a really good suggestion for a gift. It's a personal imprint that's then engraved into a sterling silver tray. It's a memory for life!

All my name jewellery is created in sterling silver and the names are hand-wrapped with my grandfather's old hammer. The material is genuine 925 sterling silver.

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