Terms & Info

Terms of payment for

Klarna card, invoice and direct payment from your own bank.
Bankgiro 5849-6449
Swish to 0766-456444

Delivery Time & shipping cost

Within Sweden

1-4 days. (However, some jewellery requires longer delivery time,
e.g. lucky Coin, gold jewellery and name rings).

Shipping costs

Unit Fee: 30KR
Retrieved in Ateljén: 0KR


Delivery time: About 1 week
Shipping cost: 100KR

Visit us

Welcome to visit the studio at Brahegatan 32
Where you can also watch the jewellery live and also add
Your order. Here you can also pick up your jewellery
If it should be a surprise to your partner
Or if you still have roads passing by.

Opening hours:

9-16 on weekdays, subject to change.


Would the jewellery be wrong, damaged in any way,
If the lock does not work or the chain is too long or
For short, please contact us immediately. If you discover
That the jewellery is transportskadade when you receive them,
Immediately notify the Post or the pickup point.
Contact us for any questions.

Open purchase

I am convinced that you will be pleased with your jewel
However, you have an open purchase for three weeks from your receipt.
The exception is personal gold jewellery, silver name rings, Lucky Coin and
Jewellery submitted for hand engraving or bezel
Of diamonds, made by other craftsmen than
Amanda Egilson Hallgren.


Only one discount can be used for the same purchase unless otherwise stated.


We only use precious metals such as genuine 925 sterling silver
(925 thousandths of silver and 75 thousandths of Copper), 14k and
18k gold. Nickel is not present in sterling silver.
However, some people may still be sensitive to substances
Available in silver.