Name jewelry made by hand in real silver.

Always personal service, open purchase and fast deliveries.

I WANT to feel that my name jewelry is made with care and love, therefore I create my jewelry by hand, step by step.
When you buy a piece of jewelry from me, you always get a lifelong service guarantee. It is unique and I dare offer it because I know my name jewelry from time to time and stand behind them 100%.

crossword necklace

My name is Amanda Egilson Hallgren and I always do my utmost to make it perfect so that the customer will be 100% satisfied.
What you get is a genuine craftsmanship entirely according to your wishes, whether you want a name necklace, a bracelet with the children's handprints
or if you want to give away a beautiful ring with a memorable quote.

Own imprint

to read customer reviews about what customers think
about my name jewelry
and my service.

Love Name Necklace
I'll take out mine Name Jewelry itself from the sheet metal of genuine silver and hammers in every name, letter by letter, with grandpa's old hammer because I want everything to feel genuine and genuine. The love I put in when making comes with the jewelry when you then wear it, you will even feel it<3>

  • Coin name Necklace
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    Coin Name Necklace

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  • crossword necklace
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    Crossword necklace

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  • Birthstone
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  • Ringhake

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Those I love most I wear around my neck

On a daily basis, my customers describe the feeling of carrying their loved ones on a piece of jewelry and how much fun it is to give away something as personal and unique as a name necklace of your choice. For example, this coin Name Necklace.

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